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Things to remember about a trip I've just had.

Well, I actually wrote this months ago and saved it on draft, hence the irrelevant timing description.

- Maswati.
There's this house on a hill. In my imagination it's just like Tawangmangu. Sundanese version of Tawangmangu. I don't know where it is actually, but not really far from it (or actually far, but just because I rode a train so it seems close) was Stasiun Maswati. I promise myself to look up to the station but just haven't got the time.

- Angkot.
It still feels the same as ten years ago, to rode Cisitu - Tegallega angkot from Stasiun Hall to Badak Singa. It almost made me tear up.

- Gudeg PDAM.
Still taste so good, the braised chicken liver was the best store-bought chicken liver I've ever had. I used to think that all chicken liver that is not home cook by my mother was bad, but this one tasted so good. The Bapak is still the same person, the difference is just that now he brings smartphone to watch soccer news, not the actually tabloid Bola anymore.

- Walking on the pedestrian.
It gets better actually.

- The scenery.
It was clear blue sky, but it was hazy in my heart.

It is not that I cannot nor I don't want to moving on from the feelings this city trying to trapped me. But it's just so many things happened that I hardly can find any replacement of the comfort it offers.

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