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About my friends.

30 Days Writing Challenge - DAY 4.
About someone people who inspires me, my friends.

Many many people inspired me in so many ways; Sebastian Errazuris for his crazy limitless idea, Donald Robertson for his parenting style, Haruki Murakami for his way of telling stories, Vivy Yusof for her pleasant on-public personality & work ethics, Ellen Fisher for standing strong on her beliefs, and the list goes on and on. But among all those big names, there are also these persons whose name you might never heard of, but for me, they're such a great inspiration.

This lady who shows me that to reach your dreams, you might not always have to hike up, because some dreams isn't placed on the rocky top of the mountain, but on the pretty lake on the foot of the mountains.

This strong lady who opens my eyes that Satan is always working, but so does God. And to really have faith means to never giving up on Him.

This guy who teach me that it is okay to let loose sometimes. It'll bring crazy things that not always good, but also, not always bad. It might teach you lessons and take you places like you've never imagined before.

There are still so many people around me, inspired me big time. But those three were my top ones.

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