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obvious bicycle

i've just reached home after waiting for more than an hour for my uber car on a hectic holiday season weekday on possibly the most crowded mall lobby in the city tonite. traffic was chaotic. and to make it even worse, after an hour, i finally have to settle with taking a motorcycle taxi because i decided i cannot wait any longer.

at some point i feel so dumb, why didn't i decide to take the motorcycle taxi since the first time?! it's only 1.6 km ride anyway, the comfort that uber car offered won't be far than the effectiveness that a motorcycle taxi has offered. in the end, my main goal was just to reach home, where the real comfort lays. yet there was i, waiting for more than one fucking hour just for nothing.

with so many thoughts inside my head these past few days, this exact moment lead me to this decision that, i've had enough. i've had fucking enough. fucking. enough.

i don't wanna wait anymore.

so while the sun’s coming up
cover ground, cover ground
and if you find some love for these clowns
turn around, turn around

we’ll be half asleep on the floor of our high school gym
thinking of you and wondering if anyone else could begin

to listen, listen
don’t wait

don’t wait.

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