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I've just found an interesting (if not kinda shocking) fact about a person I know. Long story short, as cliche as it may sound, no matter how naive you are, you gotta admit it, people change.

Maybe they're just bored, maybe they've found something worth changing, maybe they're facing difficulties they couldn't bare, maybe it's their deepest desire the whole time; whatever the reason is, in the end, all we know is that they've changed.

It makes me wonder, how much it takes for people I know (and care about) to change, but even more, how much it takes for me to change. I mean people grow, therefore they're changing, but how much it takes to not just grow, but more of taking a leap. Or taking different direction.

There are many many thoughts in my head lately. So many things to decide, so many problems, so many options, so many fears of regret. But knowing my acquintance's story suddenly gives me some kind of "fuel", to go beyond the expectation. Because sometimes, your brain screens things that seem unfamiliar. So just let loose, step in to the unfamiliarity. You never know what you'll find, but it is okay, because sometimes you don't have to know.

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