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Basically I just post whatever I wanna post here.



It's been a while since my real last blog post.
Well to be honest, I don't really have a target whatsoever for this blog,
it feels like I will wrote whenever and whatever I wanna write,
no deadline nor border.

Anyway, I feel like going on with my "currently" post, so here we go..

Thanks to my office mate, Christy, now I'm on Spotify, and through this apps I explore more music than my usual same old same old. On daily basis at the office I sometimes explore some new music directed by Spotify weekly, but on my seeking-for-comfort time like before sleep or while on travel, I still digging for the ultimate comfort my same old same old playlist never failed to serve. I feel not well since five days ago, with heavy flu and tons of deadlines and works, I played Coldplay's U.F.O. on loop since this morning.

Movies & Series.
It's been a loooong time of no movies and series for me. I was so drawn on works and my exercise schedule. Most time, I feel so tired that my spare minutes only covers some Youtube videos and Instagram posts for leisure. Been cravings to watch GIRLS since it's their final season, also to watch Beauty and the Beast for no reasons beside my heavy fancy-ing on children movies.
Anyway I just realized after strolling along my old blogpost (now already closed) on some movie reviews, I remember my fondness on movies like Happiness, The Station Agent, The Squid and The Whale, Savages, etc. and I find it hard to find those kind of movies these days. IMDB recommendation don't do much, so I definitely need some movies recommendation.
Oh, for reference I watched Manchester by the Sea last time and fall so hard for the stories and visuals, I think that kind of movie will do for me.

I just had a quick trip to Solo for a cousin's wedding. And as always, this city never fails to capture my heart. I feel like I don't wanna leave. This strange feelings left in my heart after each visit, like a lost and vast hope. Weird, but true. I feel so hazy rite now.

To accompany me on my trip to Solo, I brought my brand new Nh Dini - Dari Ngalian ke Sendowo book. And I feel like "finally I found the right book". So since December I've been drowned and fascinated by Murakami's books. I keep reading his books since I feel like finally I find something that makes me feel like I don't wanna stop reading. But since January I promise myself not to buy new books before I finish all my unread books, in short I read all my Murakamis but cannot purchase another Murakami, and I find all the books I purchased not so interesting. Till that Nh Dini book.
Yesterday when I visit Gramedia, I look for another Nh Dini book (well, I know, I'm not supposed to buy another book before finish all those unread books, but Indonesian books area sooo cheap, I think one book will do no harm ;p ), but sadly they don't have Nh Dini books anymore. So sad, I think I have to search on book market.

Well, I think that's all for now. I wish I can write more often since there area actually so many thoughts flying inside my head.


  1. Gw juga yu lagi pengen baca buku indonesia, selain bangkrut beli import trs sama pengen lebih nasionalis. Nh dini oke ya?

    1. Iya nih Ki, bangkrut beli impor terus. Nh Dini gue suka sih, tapi memang feminist banget, gue br pernah baca 2 buku dia (Dari Ngalian ke Sendowo sama Sebuah Lorong di Kotaku) dan gue suka semua so far.