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About 2016.

2016 holds a lot of feelings in my hearts.

I remember walked into this year with regret, the feelings stayed for quite a long time, buried my soul in the mud of the unanswerable "what if".

Then somehow in the middle, everything was a sheer of cloud, the gloomy feeling still there but most of the time, the sun shine right through and warm the surface up.

The end of the year was the one where finally, after all the so perfectly planned journey, I feel like being footloose for once, trying a sip of youth. Which ended with nothing but chaos.

Overall, I think 2016 had taught me pretty great lessons, and opened my eyes upon how wonderfully tragical and beautifully weird beings are.

I know that the year haven't ended just yet, but somehow I just wish that it will be remain this way till the very end, because I can't measure how many extra mile I can really bare.

And for the weirdest reason of all, I believe 2017 will be nothing but golden sparks.

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