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the things i remember about you.

draft from nov 26th 2016. 1:49 am

sometimes i met people,
found something about them,
try hard to store it inside my brain's messy cabinets,
but still ended up leaving no traces of remembering any.

so, this is some things i wanna remember about you.
simple trinkets to remind myself, o how sweet you were.

i remember our chaotic conversation about the future,
i remember driving at dawn, and midnight,
i remember telling you stories i've never told to anyone else,
i remember your dream, tho' you constantly change its details,
i remember you were always be by my side, eventually.

i'm on the other side of the road now,
i might stop praying for you,
for this is the easier way for me,
but on my last prayer,
i told Him to keep your heart always.


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