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be patience. be kind.

when i'm really* angry, i believe in keeping everything inside my heart and my head, think about it through and through, talk to God about it over prayers, try to untangle all the cluttered problems and feelings one by one; and usually, in the end of the day, with the help of God and the fact that karma is a real bitch, everything will be just come to my favor.

i know that some might say "just let loose, just be mad," well, believe me i'm trying once or more, but i find it not the best way, to counter all those anger and dissapointment with more anger that will dissapoint more people. besides, i feel like anything that makes me really angry is always a good hardship that shaped me into a better person, a more experienced being.

and also, i believe in the greatest impact of every tiny things we do to other people's life. i don't wanna be the one who crushes someone else's life.

so, i really find patience as a virtue, and i'll drown myself in it. because in the end of the day, we will reap what we sow.

*note the word really because when i'm just angry usually i'll be a roaring lion ;p

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