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Sunday Funfact #6

I have this messy system of keeping one book in each of "my regular space"; one book in the office, one book in my dorm, one book in my house, one book in my bag. So I read four books at a time, but to be honest I don't have any books in my bag and office rite now, so currently I just read two books and they're Jonas Jonasson's The Girl Who Saved The King of Sweden at my house and Jonathan Safran Foer's Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (which I already read since last year but keep not finishing it, sorry Jo) in my dorm.

Been only drinking water since July because of constant cough, till last week when some friends had Teh Kotak and I tried it (again), and it feels like a whole new world (again) for me. Oh sweet and cold beverages, why you so good.

Currently into fried fish. And spicy aubergine.

I haven't watch any movie and TV series for months. Whoa! I hang on Youtube now.

I'm still stuck with my old playlist till I don't know when.

Have this late plan to escape on September's national holiday, but don't know where. Wanna go to some rural place, but have huge doubts with the transportation choices there.

Talking about this site. I've been a loyal subscriber now, and this is my regular channel;
Simon and Martina - Canadian couple lived in Korea for 7 years and now in Japan, their videos are full of positivity, love it!! And they kinda remind me to a couple I know, they're so cute I love them so much!
Yuka Kinoshita - she eats helluvah of food in one sitting with happy face and stay skinny, my kinda dream
Mark Wiens - he travel with his wife FOR FOOD! Love his expression when he taste good food
How to Cake It - what to not love about cake making? especially if the baker use RULER to level the cake. My kind of peeps!
Matt Stonie - ranked #2 (was #1 last year) on world rank competitive eater, anything about eating huge amount of food? I'm in
still so many other accounts I visit regularly, but that was my top five.

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