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Sunday Funfact #5 (on a Tuesday)

I know it’s not Sunday, but it’s some kind of an overdue post that I write every Sunday but never actually finished it. So, anyway, here we go, (not so) Sunday Funfact, the fifth edition!

I tried duck burger on Loewy few days ago, and the duck burger patty was soo good. It was moist and soft. The bun and side fries was disappointing tho’. If only I can just ordered the patty, it’d be nice. Oh yeah, it was under seasonal menu section, so good luck if you wanna try it, it might be gone from the menu already.

I’ve been on movie hiatus for a looooong time. But I managed to watch The Jungle Book few weeks ago and planned to watch AADC2 this weekend or maybe the next week.

Oh yeah! Influenced by fan made video of MGMT’s Love Always Remains on Youtube, I downloaded and watched this (kinda) low budget Russian horror movie called Let the Right One In (Låt den rätte komma in) few weeks ago. And I don’t know, if it’s because I’ve repeated the Youtube video on loop few days before I watched the movie, or it’s just the movie, but it gave me this weird deep dark feeling that surprisingly excite me so much. I don’t really recommend it to you, normal person, to watch this movie, because you might be bored, or even disgusted, but if you have weird taste, you might like it, haha..

I’m getting boring lately, it’s like really my playlist hasn’t change and being stagnant since 2012. Well, for some certain artist which I’ve followed for a long time, I’m still updated with their new albums, but for new artist, I don’t think I am.

So, anyway, the past few weeks (years more likely), I’ve been hanging on the same playlist on my iPhone, and shuffled it, and lately these songs make me happiest when the device suddenly shuffled to it:
- MGMT – Love Always Remains
- Death Cab for Cutie – Binary Sea
- Manic Street Preachers – Your Love Alone is Not Enough

Well, for some additional fun, so I don’t feel like “expired bread” music wise, here are some new songs I’ve been clinging to:
- Justin Bieber – Love Yourself
- Ed Sheeran – Photograph (I know, it wasn’t new, even it’s been on my playlist for some time, but I just realized the existence of this song, and hey, compared to other songs in my playlist, this one considered new, ha!)

I went to Thousand Islands (Kepulauan Seribu) few weeks ago, which was a real experience for me. I kid you not, I had this weird thing about water. I might not be able to stand a day without taking a bath at least twice, but I really cannot be too close to adult depth pool, lake, or ocean. I've never ride boat in my entire adult life unless I had too (which I can’t remember if I ever did, but I believe I’ve ever rode swan boat (perahu angsa) on my high school years), I don’t do swimming, I don’t really dipped myself in the water when I visit beaches, in short I don’t really do any water related activities beside taking a bath.

But a group of friends invited me for a trip to Harapan Island on Thousand Islands, and some crazy particle inside my brain said yes to it. So there was I, rode a fishermen boats (huge and small) for the first time, and snorkel, and even dive (without life vest!!) for the sake of taking underwater picture, for the first time.

For other people it might be nothing, but for me, it was such a life changing experience. I swore to myself that I’ve gotta learn how to swim after the trip. But I don’t know, right after I step my foot on the big island, I don’t feel like the braveness remains. HA!

Because ko Arman from this blog even dedicated one blog post just to review this series, and because my favorite Lauren Graham is in it, so I finally downloaded Parenthood. And I got hooked instantly. I just watched it till season 2 so far, and I haven’t feel like stoppin’.

This might be my least favorite topics lately tho’ I feel like I blabbed (more like complained) about it a lot. That’s it.

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  1. hehe parenthood emang mantap! :D
    sedih udah abis....
    sekarang lagi getol nonton Scream nih. beda banget genre nya ya. hahaha.