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Basically I just post whatever I wanna post here.


random ramblings at early twenty seven

i seriously need to fix Luke's boot camp
i seriously need to buy Bolt wifi modem
i seriously need to attach my PC's additional hard disk
maybe i should consider to buy a new cell phone

i need to write more
i need to draw more too
more importantly,
i need to read more
and watch more movies

i need to change my glasses lenses
and i think i need a break from wearing soft lenses

i. am. seriously. in. need. of. losing. some. serious. weight.
oh! i need to replace the old battery from my weight scale
and table clock

i wanna cook more
eat more healthy food
and fruits
and veggies

i need to give more
pray more
go to church regularly

i still want that clutch from mnologie
i still want the a5 memobottle
i still want that kitmen keung watch

i still wanna visit Hawaii,
and Portland, and Paris, and Tokyo
i still wanna live in New York,
and London, and Seoul

i still wish to be more free spirited,
open minded, adventurous;
while also very wise,
and calm

i want it all
oh, human.

greedy is definitely a thing,
you know?

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