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Basically I just post whatever I wanna post here.


Love hate relationship.

suddenly remember this jokes,

x: how can we uninstall period?
y: we cannot, but we can download that plugins that can hold period for nine months but then you'll have this annoying pop up for the next 18 years if not for lifetime

anyway, this month's period seriously bring this question to my head; "why us girls, why? why can't just boys who get it".

it hurts so much to the point that whatever people say today, it just runs through my ear, because my brain was too focused imagining if my body were legos and i can just take off my hips along the period time and put it back after.


So I found this image on 9gag's Instagram account this morning;

Well, I've used many different kind of phones before using iPhone about three years ago, which I still use up till now and I planned to use it for the next two years. And amongst all, I find iPhone the easiest and most comfortable to use without any huss or fuss.

And tho' I never had any other laptop beside my five years old MacBook Pro (so I don't have any comparison); but I'm telling you that all those five years were so easy, and never a single second I feel outdated.

So, dear poster maker, I just want you to know that I am not an iDiot, I just choose to enjoy my life without having any problems with my gadgets. I'm sorry if you feel differently, but it's definitely worth the price. Bye.


random ramblings at early twenty seven

i seriously need to fix Luke's boot camp
i seriously need to buy Bolt wifi modem
i seriously need to attach my PC's additional hard disk
maybe i should consider to buy a new cell phone

i need to write more
i need to draw more too
more importantly,
i need to read more
and watch more movies

i need to change my glasses lenses
and i think i need a break from wearing soft lenses

i. am. seriously. in. need. of. losing. some. serious. weight.
oh! i need to replace the old battery from my weight scale
and table clock

i wanna cook more
eat more healthy food
and fruits
and veggies

i need to give more
pray more
go to church regularly

i still want that clutch from mnologie
i still want the a5 memobottle
i still want that kitmen keung watch

i still wanna visit Hawaii,
and Portland, and Paris, and Tokyo
i still wanna live in New York,
and London, and Seoul

i still wish to be more free spirited,
open minded, adventurous;
while also very wise,
and calm

i want it all
oh, human.

greedy is definitely a thing,
you know?