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Long haul.

So last Friday was quite a day for me.

Started up the day with wet kisses from big boy Boston. Then a trip along Jakarta-Tangerang borderline.

The highlight of the day, aside from the delicious ayam kodok, was of course my best friend's engagement. Since the first time I met her, I know that she'll make it, through any decisions she made, so even before she told me she's about to getting married, I just know that it'll happen, and that they'll make it. Hence I pray to God that everything will go smoothly for 'em. Love you guys!!

Then ended the day with a trip to the mall that I don't even remember the last time I've really been there (I think when I was in high school), for a meeting with a best friend and her partner. I've heard about the partner quite a lot since years ago, but never really got the picture of those two being together. After that night, I just realised how cute those two actually are, maybe I should start to pray for 'em.

Well, whatever I've written here might not do any justice, but to give you a clue, everyone I met that day was my closest ones, my before-anyone-else ones, the one I've been sticking with since mid 2006, and we've been through thick and thin for years, that even if we have met somebody new, the memories of us, at least for me, is eternal.

Tho' all those connections we've made might never be repeated the same way, with the same feelings; to know that we're about to walk down the new journey is also an excitement. I love you guys so much, I pray for you everyday that we'll live the life we've always prayed for. xoxo

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