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The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby.

It was published as three different movies. Basically, if you watch the movie just for the sake of knowing the story, you can just watch the "Them" version, as the story and place and time period of all three movies are exactly the same, the difference was only the perspective of the subject. "Her" was from Eleanor's side, while "Him" was from Connor's side, and "Them" is like the complete puzzle, where everything finally connects. Anyway, I watched all three. Kinda tiring since at some point it's like watching the same movies three times, but at other point, it's also very pleasurable.

The movie is about a depressing period of husband and wife, Eleanor and Connor's life after losing their son, Cody. The tragedy hurt Eleanor that much that she changes drastically and even try to kill herself. While for Connor, it's the depressed wife that becoming his problem, not to mention the down turn in his restaurant business. All those events pushed them to finally coming back to live with their parents. Eleanor back to his strange home of a Professor father, French mother who cannot be far separated from her glass of wine, a sweet sister, and an innocent nephew. While Connor back to his father's upscale bachelor pad with blaring stereo, just the way his father likes it.

The movie capture a very deep, dark, and strange feeling of loss, love, and family connection, just the exact kind of movie that usually catch my preference.

On the "Him" version the visual is kinda pleasing, it's burst with lighter feeling of Connor's restaurant crew's jokes and conversation. And the appearance of his father is also a game changer, the typical hard working, successful, businessman kind of father, with all those snobbish gesture and habit, wise words, and the rarely-appear-but-always-there unconditional love for his son. Well, he actually reminds me of Jay from Modern Family. Anyway, Connor in my world would be classify as this kind hearted late bloomers, the one who full of love, but not yet a gentleman.

On the "Her" version, I don't know why, but everything seems a bit dark and heavy. Eleanor family reminds me of typical Javanese royal family, the highly educated family, wealthy and notable, seems so normal from the outside, but with so many internal problems which rotting all the insides rapidly, making happiness as some sort of biased form and expression. And Eleanor here is the rebel who reek the problems to the outside world, the one who will be considered as the suspect tho' all she did was being the victim. After all, I love all the bitter sweet in this version of the movie, and ever more, I feel like this version is my favourite among all three.

Talking about the actors, I find Jessica Chastain very pretty in this movie, while James McAvoy is just as good looking as always. Such a combo of eye pleaser.

All in all, it's a sweet movie and I recommend you to watch it on a lazy rainy Sunday afternoon, under the puffy blanket with a glass of hot sweet drinks of your preference. Cheers!

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