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So I've received an email from Tumblr announcing my account's six years anniversary. Can't help it but go through the archive, most posts were made when I was still in college. One post put a smile on my face, dated March 28th, 2009.

"A is for age: 20.

B is for booze of choice: tequila or bacardi.

C is for career: i’d like to be an ordinary mom with cute kids and successful husband; but rite now i’m studying to be a designer.

D is for your last dentist appointment: ages ago.

E is for essential items you use everyday: my pc - eric with internet connection, my cell phone - irine, my atm card (read: money money money).

F is for favorite song at the moment: the postal service - sleeping in.

G is for favorite games: see my friends get drunk on our college yard at midnite.

H is for hometown: jakarta.

I is for instruments you play: winamp. ;-P

J is for Jam flavor on your PBJ: what’s PBJ? i like nutella anyway.

K is for kids you last saw: my little sister in her pajamas.

L is for last kiss: last week. a good one. ;-P

M is for fondest memory: my childhood with my grandma.

N is for name of your crush: adam brody. and a guy at my college.

O is for overnight hospital stays: never been there.

P is for phobias: anything on my neck and caterpillar.

Q is for favorite Quote: after 20 years, you would regret more for what you didn’t do than what you 
did. -Mark Twain- (actually i forgot the exact words)

R is for biggest regrets: stabbed someone’s back. someone very nice, though he/she isn’t that innocent.

S is for status: available for some reasons.

T is for time you wake up: noon.

U is for underwear type: bikinis.

V is for vegetable you love: spinach.

W is for worst habit: lllaaazzzyyy.

X is for x-rays you’ve had: backbone.

Y is for yummy food you make: pasta.

Z is for last Zoo visited: bandung public zoo."

It was six years ago.
I miss the pinkish tone in my archive, I miss the free spirited mind, I miss the rebellious heart. I miss being footloose and fancy free.

Ahhh, the good old days~


  1. cute, check out mine

    Dont stop blogging, maybe you will encourage me someday ~

    1. awww... seneng deh tau masih ada yang baca blog gue.. will do cik!! :*