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So you want to eat instant noodle soup. But it's not healthy, so you added carrot to it. So it's a mere of delicious noodle, delicious chicken broth, and not so delicious pieces of carrot.

Grabbing to the principle of 'save the best for the last', you ate the carrot first. You feel like it's kinda torture you at first, but then you kinda enjoy it.

It's like your mind keep asking "how many pieces of carrot are left, why it seems like it won't ever be finished? My taste buds started to reject it."

But then when you put the last piece into your mouth you kinda feel like "I still wanna eat the carrot, it's weirdly tasty."

And when you finally realize there's still a single piece left in the mist of curly noodle, you're kinda confuse whether you like this situation or not.

Then you finally finished all the carrots. And in front of you, the tasty noodle and chicken broth ready to be enjoyed.

Your heart started to feel warm, like finally after all the sacrifices of eating the carrots, you got to enjoy the noodle without any interference.

But then, in the middle of finishing the noodle, you feel bored. You feel like you need the carrot.

Then you don't feel like you enjoy the noodle as much as what you've expected.

Then you ended up didn't finished the noodle.

You told yourself "next time, I'm gonna eat the noodle and the carrot altogether."

But then again, you found yourself later, eating the all the carrot first, and left the noodle all boring and sad.

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