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So you want to eat instant noodle soup. But it's not healthy, so you added carrot to it. So it's a mere of delicious noodle, delicious chicken broth, and not so delicious pieces of carrot.

Grabbing to the principle of 'save the best for the last', you ate the carrot first. You feel like it's kinda torture you at first, but then you kinda enjoy it.

It's like your mind keep asking "how many pieces of carrot are left, why it seems like it won't ever be finished? My taste buds started to reject it."

But then when you put the last piece into your mouth you kinda feel like "I still wanna eat the carrot, it's weirdly tasty."

And when you finally realize there's still a single piece left in the mist of curly noodle, you're kinda confuse whether you like this situation or not.

Then you finally finished all the carrots. And in front of you, the tasty noodle and chicken broth ready to be enjoyed.

Your heart started to feel warm, like finally after all the sacrifices of eating the carrots, you got to enjoy the noodle without any interference.

But then, in the middle of finishing the noodle, you feel bored. You feel like you need the carrot.

Then you don't feel like you enjoy the noodle as much as what you've expected.

Then you ended up didn't finished the noodle.

You told yourself "next time, I'm gonna eat the noodle and the carrot altogether."

But then again, you found yourself later, eating the all the carrot first, and left the noodle all boring and sad.


So I've received an email from Tumblr announcing my account's six years anniversary. Can't help it but go through the archive, most posts were made when I was still in college. One post put a smile on my face, dated March 28th, 2009.

"A is for age: 20.

B is for booze of choice: tequila or bacardi.

C is for career: i’d like to be an ordinary mom with cute kids and successful husband; but rite now i’m studying to be a designer.

D is for your last dentist appointment: ages ago.

E is for essential items you use everyday: my pc - eric with internet connection, my cell phone - irine, my atm card (read: money money money).

F is for favorite song at the moment: the postal service - sleeping in.

G is for favorite games: see my friends get drunk on our college yard at midnite.

H is for hometown: jakarta.

I is for instruments you play: winamp. ;-P

J is for Jam flavor on your PBJ: what’s PBJ? i like nutella anyway.

K is for kids you last saw: my little sister in her pajamas.

L is for last kiss: last week. a good one. ;-P

M is for fondest memory: my childhood with my grandma.

N is for name of your crush: adam brody. and a guy at my college.

O is for overnight hospital stays: never been there.

P is for phobias: anything on my neck and caterpillar.

Q is for favorite Quote: after 20 years, you would regret more for what you didn’t do than what you 
did. -Mark Twain- (actually i forgot the exact words)

R is for biggest regrets: stabbed someone’s back. someone very nice, though he/she isn’t that innocent.

S is for status: available for some reasons.

T is for time you wake up: noon.

U is for underwear type: bikinis.

V is for vegetable you love: spinach.

W is for worst habit: lllaaazzzyyy.

X is for x-rays you’ve had: backbone.

Y is for yummy food you make: pasta.

Z is for last Zoo visited: bandung public zoo."

It was six years ago.
I miss the pinkish tone in my archive, I miss the free spirited mind, I miss the rebellious heart. I miss being footloose and fancy free.

Ahhh, the good old days~


Jajan di Pasar Santa #1

I finally visit the hippest traditional market in town, Pasar Santa. Located in Blok S area, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, with limited parking area, it'll be wise if you park your car in nearby mall (maybe Pacific Place) or any other place with bigger parking space, and go there by taxi, or even wiser, ojek (motorcycle taxi).
I came around 3:15-ish PM with a friend after a very short taxi ride from Pacific Place (only cost us IDR 20K), with an empty stomach, and here's my super duper honest report. -- Yes, with bad quality images which I highly aware but chose to not really mind it since the words are the things that actually count in this post. :p

1. Nasi lidah cabai hijau at Mommadon - IDR 30K.
Nasi lidah cabai hijau at Mommadon - IDR 30K
We were super hungry and in the emergency need of rice, first we intended to visit Claypotpopo but it was full as hell, so we just decided to stop at any empty stall serving rice dish anywhere near. So there we were at Mommadon, ordering two bowls of nasi lidah cabai hijau and two bottles of aqua (each IDR 3K).
Nasi lidah cabai hijau is basically a bed of rice inside a small plastic bowl, topped with beef tongue cook in spicy green chili sambal. I don't know if it's because we were really (like really, really) hungry or it's really tasty, but we like the dish. It was really spicy but still edible, and they were super generous with the topping, which is a great thing.

2. Green tea liege waffle with green tea ice cream, whip cream, and M&M's topping at Zucker Waffle - IDR 35K.
Green tea liege waffle at Zucker Waffle - IDR 35K
So, they asked us what we want for the toppings, we asked 'em, what choices do they have, one of their answer was M&M's, so my friend chose M&M's, but what we actually get is the "replica" of M&M's (maybe Cha Cha or else), which is quite a disappointment for us.
Anyway, I love the texture of the waffle, but for the taste, I kinda find the green tea aroma is somewhat weird, or maybe it's just me, since my friend didn't say anything about it. Maybe next time I'll try the original one. Aside from the topping and green tea problems, I take this as a success experience. Will surely go back for another visit.

3. Kue cubit setengah matang coklat at Kantin SD.
Kue cubit setengah matang coklat at Kantin SD
Kue cubit is some kind of Indonesian pancake, here in Kantin SD stall, they cook it halfway done, so we can still taste the creamy warm dough. They have three different kind of flavor, green tea, chocolate, and red velvet.
My friend placed an order for this one when I queued for our waffle (hence I don't know the price), after that we finished our waffle, walked around the 2nd floor (took about 20 mins), then get back to Kantin SD, yet our kue cubit still isn't done yet, so we decided to wait, and after 40 mins, we finally get what we order.
After waiting for a significantly long time, well, we definitely expect something tasted good, a fluffy cake-y chocolate pancake with creamy, warm, custard-y liquid batter on top. So, you can imagine how much disappointment we bare while what we actually got is this kinda sticky, overly sweet cake which is almost all done, with a thin layer of almost cook not really custard-y batter. I'm not kidding you, I only have one bite while my friend stopped after one and a half bite, then we threw the rest (which is like still 85% of it) to the garbage.
Seriously we've waited for like almost an hour for this? Bye. Will never consider to make another visit.

4. Original bacon-up sandwich at Bacon-Up - IDR 20K.
Original bacon-up sandwich at Bacon-Up - IDR 20K
Consist of two sliced of beef ham (yet the call it bacon), in the middle of sliced glazed donut, drizzle with maple syrup.
It was my friend's stall, but again, I am an honest person, so here's my honest review. First they told us to wait for 20 mins after we ordered, so we got back to them after about 30 mins, and you know what? They forgot our order!! So we actually have to wait for several other minutes.
The taste is quite good, tho' the beef ham was too salty, the sweetness of the donuts' glaze and maple syrup surely helped a lot to balance the flavor. But will be better if they use lighter donuts with thicker glaze. After all, won't find it as a hard time to make another visit.

5. Frozen banana dipped in chocolate sauce with almond toppings at Bar-Na-Na - IDR 16K.
Frozen banana at Bar-Na-Na - IDR 16K
The main reason why I wanna visit Pasar Santa, and definitely the most successful experience of the day (for me, as for my friend, the best experience was still nasi lidah at Mommadon). First, the queue move so fast, second the taste were exactly (even better than) what I expected.
They offered a lot of toppings, from Nutella, salted caramel, crunchy Milo, corn flakes, almonds, etc. I feel so wise to choose the almond topping, the balance flavor between the legit banana, sweet chocolate, and salty peanut-y almonds blend into perfection in my mouth, Not to mention the texture explosion, cold custard-y, silky, and crunchy. Pure joy. Will hardly skip this stall on the next visits!!

That's all we can chew that day. I actually finished it with take away 20 skewers of chicken satay and 10 skewers of mix of chicken skin and chicken liver satay from Sate Ayam Barokah next to Swalayan Santa, which is my family favorite since I was little (will review it on another post if I have the time later). Taste never less than great since the first time I ever ate it. What a consistency!!
Sadly the seller said they'll be no longer selling the satay there due to the government program to clean all illegal kiosk in Jakarta. Good plan that also broke so many hearts for sure. Hope they won't move too far.

Back to Pasar Santa, well, surely won't make another visit in the near time, since I actually find it as kinda overrated and over priced. There are so many many many better (like a hell lot better) taste of food with fairly better price around Jakarta, but the idea to gather it all in one place that is not a mall  is actually a good idea. But if I have to choose, I'll surely happier to go to a bazaar that exist almost every weekend in the infamous malls like Grand Indonesia, Central Park, etc. first they also offer many variations of food, second the price is fairly the same but with better experience, with the help of air con and better parking solutions. But again, it's just my honest review.