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I went into a "blackout" phase last weekend (extended to Monday actually). I don't know, I just don't feel well, mentally, physically.

Bad mood, sore throat, and so many other negativity seems to gather around and decided to give me a hard time.

But, I feel a lot better right now. And promise to make it up with everyone I've ignored during that phase. Anyway, it came to my surprise that even when I didn't reply most messages and phone calls since Saturday, everyone still asking if I'm doing well and wish me good things. It meant a lot to me, thank you. But I might not reply some messages because I just don't want to.

So, I've got a handful in my to do list right now. Gotta go!


and there is grace within forgiveness
but it's so hard for me to find



I only eat papaya, red dragon fruit and sunkist orange.
Sometimes also eat seedless grape and kiwi.

Ever claimed to like royal rose apple, mini plum, and cherry,
but it's a rare find here, don't think the feeling will remain the same next time.

The other fruits?
Hmm.. Sometimes I'm okay with 'em, but mostly I don't.

Love-hate relationship?
Watermelon. Love 'em on candy flavors, illustration, and smell. Can't stand the real fruit.
Happened with banana too. Love 'em on ice cream and biscuit. Can't stand the real fruit.

*about trying to be healthy and eat more fruits,
but mostly I get confused with what to buy, becaaause...
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I follow Jessica Kraus' site House Inhabit since its first appearance on A Beautiful Mess on the article At Home with Jessica Kraus. And it lead me to follow her Instagram account where I found out about #teamleonthomas, my forever - most favorite posts on her Instagram.

Anyway, I've just finished read her newest post Funny Valentine, and as always, Leon caught my heart by his "self-portrait Valentine cards" and her cute little story with Journey. Inevitably, my heart melts.


Sunday Funfact #3

Yak, kayanya bentar lagi blog ini isinya cuman Sunday Funfact doang deh. BZT.

Just arrived from Bandung to attend Cicid & Cepot's wedding. Happy wedding you guys, live happily together ever after!!

Kygo Remix - Younger. Originally by Seinabo Sey.


Sunday Funfact #2

Yea I knoooooooowwwww, I skipped 2 weeks, but it's not like anyone read this blog anyway (pessimist) :p

Just bought three books from Periplus last Friday; Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer, The One Plus One by Jojo Moyes, and a compilation of short stories edited by Neil Gaiman and Al Sarrantonio. Still haven't got Lena Dunham's Not That Kind of Girl on my hand and still looking for it. Oh, also looking for Scott Fitzgerald's Tales of the Jazz Age, but haven't found one with the nice cover.

I finally started the green tea habit. So I bought this cheap tumbler with built in strainer inside from IKEA and Kepala Jenggot's green tea leaves. I brew the tea first thing I arrived at the office, drink it gradually, and keep adding hot water till before lunch. I love the taste and I don't know it's the real thing or just my feelings, but I feel better.

Currently really into fried cassava. Oh, and just have Chung Gi Wa meat party with office mate last Friday, and just found out that they have branch on Mall Puri Indah too, which is so close from home, will definitely be a regular visitor. ;p

I skipped a lot of hang out plans because of so many reasons. But I promise myself (and my best friends) to make it up in the upcoming months.

Make up.
This is my "wanted" list:
- Nars Audacious lipstick: Greta, Annabella, Bette
- Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipstick: Lost Cherry, Birkin Brown
- Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Edt
- OPI Infinite Shine: Raisin The Bar, Can't Be Beet, Still Waters Run Deep
I really really really cannot wait to have this make up hunting session with Acha!!!

The Mentalist season 1. And some 1990s movies I just downloaded. But also so ready to download all movies from the Oscar nominees list.

Currently into the mainstream Ed Sheeran (esp. Thinking Out Loud), Olly Murs (esp. Up), and George Ezra (omg his voice! ♡). But of course also cannot wait for DCFC's Kintsugi to be released next March. In the mean time I'll be happy to put Black Sun on repeat. ;)

That's all from this week(s), happy Sunday!!
God bless you!!

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