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Sunday Funfact #1

So, I decided to start a routine post, it calls Sunday Funfact.
Basically the post is an update about my daily life during the week.
The simple rule is just to write some subjects and comment on the subject base on current life situation.
Oh yeah, and because I got an OCD, the subjects have to in alphabetically order.
If you're interested, you can also do it on you blog, just don't forget to put the credit link.

So, here we go, my first Sunday Funfact!

I haven't got the chance to read any, but currently fancying Lena Dunham's Not That Kind of Girl.

I read from a friend post on social media that she successfully change her habit as coffee drinker to green tea drinker. Both are rich in caffeine anyway.
I'm seriously interested in the idea, but unfortunately, the convenient store in my office building doesn't sell green tea, so this week I'm still stickin' on cafe latte.

I miss detoxing. And KFC crispy chicken thighs. :P
Already schedule the detox next month and ordered McD chicken last Saturday. Still craving for KFC's tho'.

Great news came from a good friend this week. Yay!

Because everything happened for a reason.

Lie to Me season 2.

Babyshambles. Sequel to Prequel album.

I am really into any modern - tropical - a bit Japanese-y residential interior (and architecture) lately. Can't wait till the time for me to build my very own house to come. AAARGH!

In one word it'll be "exciting". But the body and mind has its limit, so....

That's all from this week, happy Sunday!!
God bless you*!!

*don't forget to go to the church for Sunday mass. :P

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