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For me, for you, and for anyone else.

No matter how hard it is to accept the fact in which you are drowning in, every single moment in your life is what shaped you into this very person. So, if you ever consider yourself as a good person, be thankful for your history, and surroundings, no matter how dark it is, it must have a very good vibe that you still carry a good sanity through all the evil path.

And everytime you think of point a finger to the ones bringing you here, remember that it might be the best way that they ever achieved that the other way might lead to the worse version of you.

And that your own future always laid in your own hands, not a single one can have a part in it without you let them coming in. So, there's never anyone else's mistake but yours whenever anything went out of plan. But anyway, being out of plan isn't always a bad turnouts, it might be a brand new good page. Better page.

Anyway, you might think that I am talking to you, talking about you, in fact, I am not, I am just writing the thoughts that keep floating in my mind; but if in any case this can do any good deeds for your life, then yes, I wrote this for you.

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