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Basically I just post whatever I wanna post here.


Not a "flowers along the path, sunshine smiles upon the clear blue sky" kinda day.

I've just ACCIDENTALLY deleted 350GB worth of movies files from my hard disk AND TRASH. I feel so disappointed (and angry) I found myself starring my laptop monitor for some long minutes.

Anyway, I also accidentally left my wallet in the office today.



How I picture my future.

I never want it as something glamorous, splendidly amazing, nor anything too complicated.

In my head, it'll always be this pure white canvas of simplicty and happiness. Being around my closest ones. Doing what I actually love. Fulfilled with warm feeling at heart.



Current mood:
- Fitzgerald's poetic arrangements of words
- Albert Hammond Jr's lulaby (cartoon music for superheroes to be exact)
- Jake Peralta and fellow officers in the Nine Nine squad

What a slumpy weekend inside my circle of comfort zone. BADUMBZTSK!!


Celeste and Jesse Forever.

It feels like even in a movie you're still being forced to be realistic. So, well..


October twelve.

To lose at least 15 kilos more
To live a healthier life
To start exercising again
To start doing detox routinely
To pay more attention to my skin

To read more books
To watch more movies

To spend more time with my closest ones
To give more
To laugh more, and smile more, and love more

To be more positive
To stay being optimistic

To pray more
To wake up earlier everyday

To keep on fighting,
for a better and shinier years ahead.

Thank God now I am 26 years old.


About responsibilities.

"Just remember the person who trust you, who laid their hope, their life, their future, even their loved ones' futures - on you; whenever you're feeling like giving up."

That's basically what my Dad keep repeating to me and my sisters.
"We have so many signals in our life telling us to make decisions between two things, but usually it’s not as simple as that. Some people would say a choice between two things is no choice at all." - Ezra Koenig



I've watched the video for oh so many times and still cannot help it not to laugh my lungs off.