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I just opened a friend's website, which (tho' I admit I don't really know this person well) I never thought of the person being this very successful person in the opposite field of what this person graduated as. Suddenly it came to my mind, it does amazing. How people grow.

I was graduated as a product designer. But I always know, the world of architecture and spatial design interest me much more than product design details I've studied for four years. When I graduated, the reality that I cannot work as an interior designer nor architect with just my fresh-from-the-oven product designer degree hit me hard. But after all I've made my own way.

It was not an easy path. And if I got to tell you the hardest part, it'll be to gain trust from others; to convinced others that you can do things professionally without learn about it formally. Even until now, I still often got this weird expression every time people heard that I studied product design, not architecture nor interior design. But one thing I know, I love what I do, and can even do much more than the real interior design graduate.

Oh, it also takes a huge chucks of confidence too, to convince your own self that you can do much more than what you've been given. :)

So, all in all, I wanna share this thought to you, that you can actually be whatever your heart desires, but please notice that it'll surely take a huge courage and effort that you might have to work twice harder than the others. But the output will be worth every single struggles you've been through. Keep fighting. Your own future lays in your own hands. People thoughts won't do much justice without you taking control in it. Cheers!

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