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All is good.

I resigned from my former job about one and a half week ago, and will start on my new job next month, so basically I have about four weeks being unemployed. The feeling of nothing rushed me the whole day is such a bliss, I'm trying hard to cherish the moment while it last.

So far, I've spent each days with vary activities, one day I hibernate, one day I watched movies non-stop, one day I read books, one day I went shopping, one day I bake and cook like crazy, one day I walked down the memory lane by visiting my elementary school.

Apparently, to set your mind on a break, is also a good time to dive in deeper to what you actually seek in life. Somehow you can see yourself clearer than when you cloud your mind with your daily workload. Again, it's a bliss.

I hope you can have the chance to really break out from your routine too. And finally see what your heart really desires.

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  1. ayuu, kamu pindah kerja kemana? *hehe kepo* sama dong gw jg mulai kerja bulan depan.