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Meeting an old friend.

"Ki, lo masih bisa 'baca' tulisan orang nggak?"
"Masih dong, sekarang gue lebih jago, liat orangnya aja bisa gue 'baca'"
"Wah, bacain gue dong!!"
"Lo seneng tapi capek."

Pretty much sums up my current weekend mood. :)



I wanna spend an easy week in Hawaii. Explore local coffe shops and bakery in Portland and Melbourne. Have a casual picnic lunch-date around Eiffel. Strolling around Hyde Park and Central Park for afternoon walk. And sip a hot beverage while visiting mount Fuji on winter. #randomthoughts


Life is sweet in the belly of the beast
In the belly of the beast


Stay Young Go Dancing



Some people are just so deserve the question;
"how long will you hold on to your ego,
and ignore the fact that you slowly kill your surroundings?"