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Sebastian Errazuriz.

Occasionally, I have this "professional crush" for someone whose works I adore. There was time I was having this crush on Jonah Takagi, then Max Lamb, then Joel Borg. And currently I am totally head over heels over Sebastian Errazuriz's works. I first knew about him because of his infamous collaboration with Melissa on the "12 Shoes for 12 Lovers" project. Then I started follow his Instagram to know more about the project.

After some months, I don't really notice his posts on Instagram, since I basically follow a hell lots of accounts on Instagram, so mostly it was just goes by. Till a few weeks ago, I saw his post on "Baby Dildo - what comes out can pop back in", and I found it very interesting, so I just decided to strolling around his Instagram account. Then I got my mind blown. Suddenly the Melissa shoes project became so mediocre compare to his other projects which were way cooler.

I started to dig in the Google, tho' I gotta say there's nothing there, but I definitely decided that he is my current professional crush. The kind of crush that makes me want to meet him and have a real good conversation with him. You now, some says nothing more intimate then a good conversation. It always tickle my fancy to imagined it. I wish that day will truly come, as well as the ones with Jonah Takagi, Max Lamb and Joel Borg too of course :p

He once planted a tree in the centre of Chile National Stadium field. Iseng banget. KZL.
You can read the article here
And here's the link to his web [link]

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