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About Pinterest.

I've made my Pinterest account long time ago, but then decided to stop pinning because I found difficulties on classified the picture into some certain board, I have this weird OCD that makes me really really annoyed if some pictures isn't place in the right board with the right theme. So I just stop pinning and started to just liking, until, a few months ago, I started to feel this huge needs of daily visual muse, which apparently really important regarding I'm working in a creative industry. So I started to sorted out (well actually by sorted out means delete my old pins and boards, all of 'em) then started new boards (way more organised than before, fyi) and started to pinning again.

Now it became my new addiction to pin anything interesting visually. It's also supported by the cool Pinterest app on iPhone - very user friendly, to be honest, I love it better to "play" Pinterest on my phone than on computer. I am not those Pinterest expert yet, but I am very satisfied that now, every time I feel so stuck, or simply bored, I can just walk down those visual muse lane. I really really suggest people who works in creative industry to start make their Pinterest account. And feel free to stroll around my account here.

Some of my random found today on Pinterest:

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