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Being honest and a bit mean.

Many people hold on to the so-called quotes "I don't know what I want but I know what I don't want," which for me, it's very lame and selfish. In my opinion, people should know what they want, they should have a vivid vision of what they seek in life. It's okay that they don't know how to achieve it yet, it's okay that the way to get there seems a bit blur at the moment; but please, do have a goal in life. Don't just go with the flow. You might be drowned, you know?

Random rambling.

Currently worried so much about my face gaining more sun spots daily. Definitely need suggestion on great face serum and other treatment. Great skin doctor will do too.

Just had my fist sambal matah experience few weeks ago and went crazy over it. Unfortunately sambal matah isn't a very common dish here. I've been craving for it badly this few days.

I've been cravings for food every night this past few days, at this moment, as I write this, all I can think about is nasi ayam sambal matah, udon ni cheese, beef pho, kwetiau goreng sapi Mangga Besar and keripik makaroni balado. Ugh.


About Pinterest.

I've made my Pinterest account long time ago, but then decided to stop pinning because I found difficulties on classified the picture into some certain board, I have this weird OCD that makes me really really annoyed if some pictures isn't place in the right board with the right theme. So I just stop pinning and started to just liking, until, a few months ago, I started to feel this huge needs of daily visual muse, which apparently really important regarding I'm working in a creative industry. So I started to sorted out (well actually by sorted out means delete my old pins and boards, all of 'em) then started new boards (way more organised than before, fyi) and started to pinning again.

Now it became my new addiction to pin anything interesting visually. It's also supported by the cool Pinterest app on iPhone - very user friendly, to be honest, I love it better to "play" Pinterest on my phone than on computer. I am not those Pinterest expert yet, but I am very satisfied that now, every time I feel so stuck, or simply bored, I can just walk down those visual muse lane. I really really suggest people who works in creative industry to start make their Pinterest account. And feel free to stroll around my account here.

Some of my random found today on Pinterest:


Sebastian Errazuriz.

Occasionally, I have this "professional crush" for someone whose works I adore. There was time I was having this crush on Jonah Takagi, then Max Lamb, then Joel Borg. And currently I am totally head over heels over Sebastian Errazuriz's works. I first knew about him because of his infamous collaboration with Melissa on the "12 Shoes for 12 Lovers" project. Then I started follow his Instagram to know more about the project.

After some months, I don't really notice his posts on Instagram, since I basically follow a hell lots of accounts on Instagram, so mostly it was just goes by. Till a few weeks ago, I saw his post on "Baby Dildo - what comes out can pop back in", and I found it very interesting, so I just decided to strolling around his Instagram account. Then I got my mind blown. Suddenly the Melissa shoes project became so mediocre compare to his other projects which were way cooler.

I started to dig in the Google, tho' I gotta say there's nothing there, but I definitely decided that he is my current professional crush. The kind of crush that makes me want to meet him and have a real good conversation with him. You now, some says nothing more intimate then a good conversation. It always tickle my fancy to imagined it. I wish that day will truly come, as well as the ones with Jonah Takagi, Max Lamb and Joel Borg too of course :p

He once planted a tree in the centre of Chile National Stadium field. Iseng banget. KZL.
You can read the article here
And here's the link to his web [link]


I've just watched Nebraska, it was a very touching movie. It's about an old man lives in Billings, Montana, Woody Grant who got a scam letter told him that he won a million dollars, and he needs to take the money on Lincoln, Nebraska. As obvious as it is that the letter was a scam, Woody believes it. His youngest son, David, decided that it might be good to Woody just to left town for maybe a bit of fresh air, so he decided to take Woody to Lincoln.

On the way, they made a stop on Hawthorne, Nebraska, a little town where Woody came from. It became such an experiences for both of them, especially for Dave that he finally got to trace his father former life, before Woody got married. It's kinda answers all the questions behind Woody's unpleasant behaviour.

All in all, it was such a great movie, it shows us all those unexplainable relationship and feelings between people, even families. And not to mention the great visual, tho' it's presented in black and white, which makes it more subtle and make the story sink in deeper, but I still can imagine how amusingly pretty it will be if it was present in colour.

I certainly got mixed feelings watching it. There are some morals you can surely take from the movie.  But among all the things you can get from the movie, one thing I'll remember the most would be "to marry the right person". It shows vividly in the movie how can your choice of spouse can affect your long term happiness, even your whole life. To quotes from one of a friend, "it's the only fate you can choose, you cannot choose whose your parents nor background, but you can always choose you spouse," I think that's true.