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My kitchen, my sanctuary.

This weekend been a very productive weekend for my kitchen. Yesterday I've been experimenting to bake brownie with caramel pudding mix, that turns out very good in texture, but the aroma was too vanilla-y which I don't really like since I'm not into vanilla scent (screw those french vanilla car scent, I cannot stand it!!). Gave the whole half to my baby cousins and the other half to my maid. I only ate about two pieces and now regret it a bit since I suddenly crave for it but too lazy to make another batch, besides, I'm out off cocoa powder and pudding mix.

Today I made vegetable quiche, I gotta say not to succeed, since I got the pie crust too thick while the eggs part was to thin. I've choose the wrong baking pan I guess, since I only make a small batch, I should use smaller baking pan, which I don't have. Already written on my to buy list tho'. Will try to make it again since I find the taste was actually very good. I used a lot of caramelized onion, which is my favorites. Just the thick crust make me feel awfully full just after a slice.

I plan to bake pear cake (with upside down pineapple cake recipe) tonight, but still too lazy move my ass. Plus the fact that I have to go to the church, I doubt it that I actually have the time. But, well, we'll see. Gotta do something with the pear anyway, I went a bit wrinkly and sad already.

It's been a long time since I have this huge urge to cook and bake, besides those I wrote above I also cook some stir fry veggies, and soup. It came to my mind a few times that maybe I should try to bake and cook for a living. But I don't know how and I don't think that will fulfilled my desire at this time. So I'll just keep cook something for my own pleasure I guess.

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