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b'ri hatiku selalu, bersyukur pada-Mu,
kar'na rencana-Mu, indah bagiku.


My kitchen, my sanctuary.

This weekend been a very productive weekend for my kitchen. Yesterday I've been experimenting to bake brownie with caramel pudding mix, that turns out very good in texture, but the aroma was too vanilla-y which I don't really like since I'm not into vanilla scent (screw those french vanilla car scent, I cannot stand it!!). Gave the whole half to my baby cousins and the other half to my maid. I only ate about two pieces and now regret it a bit since I suddenly crave for it but too lazy to make another batch, besides, I'm out off cocoa powder and pudding mix.

Today I made vegetable quiche, I gotta say not to succeed, since I got the pie crust too thick while the eggs part was to thin. I've choose the wrong baking pan I guess, since I only make a small batch, I should use smaller baking pan, which I don't have. Already written on my to buy list tho'. Will try to make it again since I find the taste was actually very good. I used a lot of caramelized onion, which is my favorites. Just the thick crust make me feel awfully full just after a slice.

I plan to bake pear cake (with upside down pineapple cake recipe) tonight, but still too lazy move my ass. Plus the fact that I have to go to the church, I doubt it that I actually have the time. But, well, we'll see. Gotta do something with the pear anyway, I went a bit wrinkly and sad already.

It's been a long time since I have this huge urge to cook and bake, besides those I wrote above I also cook some stir fry veggies, and soup. It came to my mind a few times that maybe I should try to bake and cook for a living. But I don't know how and I don't think that will fulfilled my desire at this time. So I'll just keep cook something for my own pleasure I guess.


If you feel like you need an answer after all.

You might not always trust the one you love,
but you might always love the one you trust.

- Pricilla Wismoyo


I've just watched The Wolf of Wall Street, I gotta say, it's a very insteresting movie, well I wanna say "it's a fckin' interesting movie," but good girl doesn't swear. You gotta watch this movie, pals. Vini vidi vici!!


I have white aura. I feel so sincere. :p

Found out about the quiz from Dessy's blog, then tried it several times (just to make sure) and the results were always the same, I have a white aura. So here's the description about my aura, and feel free to try the quiz (link here), it's so much fun.

Your Aura Is White!

Personality: Cool and calm, but not laid-back, whites are the ultimate in class. Whites are one of the best at what they do, and they don’t make a show of it, but they get the recognition anyway. White’s always getting the job done, always making the perfect play, never demanding the credit and always getting it anyway. With a wink and tiny salute of acknowledgment to the crowd, everyone will always remember you.You are neat and immaculate in your appearance, in the presentation of your home almost to the point of being fanatical. You are far-sighted, with a positive and optimistic nature. You are well-balanced, sensible, discreet and wise. You are cautious, practical. You tend to have a great deal of self control. You are confident, poised and self-assured when at your most positive, but can also be very choosy and fastidious when the mood strikes. You can be very critical of yourself and others. You are self-sufficient and a loner. You may appear to be shy, but you do have strong beliefs about most things and love the opportunity to air those beliefs.

Love Life: You see love as an adventure, and you find most wo/men dull. You need someone who challenges you!

Yellow: Way too outgoing, they are way too annoying to take you on
Red: Always complaining about their love life makes you just want to smack them across the head and say “SNAP OUT OF IT!!!”
Pink: To prissy and stuff can get annoying really fast
Blue: No like green? That’s fine Blue is just the same just a little bit of a realist.
Purple: Their standards are way too high for white to reach!
Orange: They may be like yellow but something about them completes your day!

Perfect Color Love Match: Green is THE PERFECT MATCH! Just like white they are really down to earth, and are the perfect soul mate for white

Friendship Color: Blue Auras are perfect to fit your qualifications of what you call a "Friend".

Color Opposite: Your color wheel opposite is Pink. Pink is too outgoing to fit your personality and may annoy you just a smidge.

Words that Describe White: Naïve, Innocent, Neutral, Shy, Serious, Stubborn, Ethical, Honest, Self-Important

Purpose of Life: To Make a Statement, and Succeed in Life


What comes easy won't last,
what lasts won't come easy.


Semilir Resto & Bar, Bandung - Interior & Design Review

Minggu lalu, karena kelaperan tingkat berat dan restaurant ini kebetulan adalah salah satu tempat yang saya lewati, akhirnya teman saya menyarankan untuk mampir ke sini. Kesan pertama saya, wah, laser cut di metal door-nya bagus amat. Lanjut masuk ke dalem, wah, konstruksinya very nice, finishing kayu dan besi-besi rustic-nya bagus sekali. Dan yang paling saya suka banget yaitu lampu dari plat besi yang nyambung langsung ke atap-nya, kurus-kurus kotak panjang rustic bagus sekaliiii. Terus di setiap meja ada terrarium bunga apaan tuh tau, juga manis benjeettt. Kaki mejanya juga bagussss, walo meja yang saya pake oglek-oglek.

Nah cumaaaan, ada beberapa (banyak sih actually) elemen yang bikin saya gemes, sama restauran ini, menurut penilikan saya dan teman saya, kayanya restaurant ini hasil renovasian restauran lama, makanya masih ada beberapa elemen modern yang nggak nyambung sama tema tropis dan rustic yang sekarang diusung, yang bikin super gemes, karena seandainya elemen ini diganti jadi lebih sesuai tema, pasti bagus banget jadinya. Bahkan kalau menurut temen saya, cocok banget buat kawinan siang-siang. Yah mungkin yang punya masih nabung buat ngerenov pelan-pelan kali yaaa..

Anyhooow, berikut beberapa elemen yang menurut saya harusnya diganti:
- kursi-kursi putih modern dari plastik pula, itu ditengah padahal udah ada kursi kayu bagus, kenapa juga gak semuanya pake ituuu? lebih nyambung
- sofa set di kanan, itu ga nyambung semua plis atuh lah
- elemen lighting pake akrilik warna-warni di tengah, whhhyyyyyyyyyyy??
- table ware-nya!!! jujur makanannya enak, tapi table ware-nya kurang cantik, padahal di tiap meja udah ada terrarium manis banget, begitu dateng makanan pake table ware yang nggak oke, ehhh jadi batal manisnya...
- dan kalau tambahan dari temen saya, itu pot-pot plastik di sekililing kenapa nggak pake pot gerabah beneran biar lbh keliatan niat dan bagus?
- toiletnya. why?
- lukisan-lukisan super gede di sana-sininya. kurang cociks sama sekelilingnya
- kaca pake sticker-stciker di perbatasan mau ke bar, kurang cociks juga sama sekelilingnya

Intinya, salah satu tujuan saya nge-post ini (pake bahasa Indonesia ala ibu-ibu arisan pula) adalah, saya super penasaran sama siapa sih yang punya ini restaurant, saya gemes mau ngasih interior advice, soalnya saya suka banget sisanya.

kayanya gue emang gaboleh nge post pake bahasa Indo yeh, hebring bok bawaannya. BZZZZT. Gue juga nggak ngerti, ini seperti kepribadian ganda gitu yah bahasanya.

YAKALI GA ADA FOTONYA?! Iya, tau, sorry men, kemaren suasananya kurang pas buat foto-foto detail interior.
currently dying for Celine gold plated oxford. minta duit dong.


short term wish/to-do list.

- metallic shorts, gold or copper one (okeh, kalau ada yang tau ini bisa nemu di mana, plis kasih info)
- Trust the Journey bracelet from Milk and Happiness (will get it next Saturday, yay!)
- find the time to watch Dallas Buyers Club
- start the habit to drink at least 200 ml of milk everyday



He still find the time to hear a child's first prayer.
Saint or sinner call will always find Him there.

Taken from one of my most favorite religious song. Been a while since the last time I listened to this song.. ❤️


tribute to Ted, Robin, Barney, Lily, and Marshall.

true love will find you in the end
you'll find out just who was your friend
don't be sad, I know you will,
but don't give up until
true love will find you in the end