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I skip office today.

Today I woke up as usual, had a proper bath as usual, then prep myself to the office as usual. But when I walked out, I realised there's flood around my neighbourhood. The flood on my block isn't that high, but I know as I walked out of my housing complex, the flood will get higher and usually will be thigh high or even waist high. When my Dad around, he usually give me a ride with his car, but today, my Dad's out of town and I can't drive anyway.

Few weeks ago I've passed this kind of journey, walked throughout the flood to reach my office, but it was a bad idea, I don't want to rekindle that moment ever again. So I just went back inside my house. Seriously have no idea what to say to the office. Then I just came to more realisation that I'm not good at lying, so I just send an email to my bosses, being honest, tell them I cannot came to the office because I'm stuck among the flood. I know it was such a lame reason. But I just seriously don't feel like walking throughout the flood today. That's it.

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