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I just woke up from a really scary dream that somehow just ripped my heart. The dream was about me in a car on a road trip, when we just pass by a quite small road, in the middle of a traditional market, and there were so many people, and a car, it was an old Kijang in grey, in front of the car there were two people, the left one was an old man, I assume was the dad, the right one was a younger person, which I can't tell a boy or a girl, but he/she was crying, while the dad was yelling at her/him and there were crowd among them watching the scene. The car I'm in still moving along, but suddenly everything was in a very slow motion, then someone in my car said, "there were a car accident, they crashed some people, some died. Look, there are still bodies on the road, people are crying." I remember in my dreams, I'm too afraid to look at the scary scene, so I just sit and close my eyes. Then I woke up, feeling so small and frightened. And automatically the song, By this River by Brian Eno just kept playing inside my head.

I know the trigger was because I read my friend, Fesa, message on Line Group right before I went to bed. She told us that she'd just out from a car crash than involving a group of vehicles on the highway. She's okay, her face a bit hurt, but basically her condition was way better than the others, which, I assume, someone might died. And anything related to any vehicle crash really frightened me up since last June tragedy. Apparently it really took a big part of my heart away. I just really wish that everyone can be really careful and patient on the street. Please?

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