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Simple pleasure.

to wake up at dawn, have morning prayer, eat fruits and drink water, then stay in bed until the sun rise and be ready to take a proper bath. ♥



If you sum it up to the wrong calculation, I might answer, no, I don't know how to have some fun.


I think Ben Gibbard and Adam Brody will always be my crush. Soooo random. I know.


I used to looove this song so much,
and suddenly feel like listening to it again and again and agaaaiiiinnn..


the day I saw you the skies turned blue
everything I thought about was you
and when you went away
I didn't know what to do

Club 8 - Blue Skies


I skip office today.

Today I woke up as usual, had a proper bath as usual, then prep myself to the office as usual. But when I walked out, I realised there's flood around my neighbourhood. The flood on my block isn't that high, but I know as I walked out of my housing complex, the flood will get higher and usually will be thigh high or even waist high. When my Dad around, he usually give me a ride with his car, but today, my Dad's out of town and I can't drive anyway.

Few weeks ago I've passed this kind of journey, walked throughout the flood to reach my office, but it was a bad idea, I don't want to rekindle that moment ever again. So I just went back inside my house. Seriously have no idea what to say to the office. Then I just came to more realisation that I'm not good at lying, so I just send an email to my bosses, being honest, tell them I cannot came to the office because I'm stuck among the flood. I know it was such a lame reason. But I just seriously don't feel like walking throughout the flood today. That's it.


I just woke up from a really scary dream that somehow just ripped my heart. The dream was about me in a car on a road trip, when we just pass by a quite small road, in the middle of a traditional market, and there were so many people, and a car, it was an old Kijang in grey, in front of the car there were two people, the left one was an old man, I assume was the dad, the right one was a younger person, which I can't tell a boy or a girl, but he/she was crying, while the dad was yelling at her/him and there were crowd among them watching the scene. The car I'm in still moving along, but suddenly everything was in a very slow motion, then someone in my car said, "there were a car accident, they crashed some people, some died. Look, there are still bodies on the road, people are crying." I remember in my dreams, I'm too afraid to look at the scary scene, so I just sit and close my eyes. Then I woke up, feeling so small and frightened. And automatically the song, By this River by Brian Eno just kept playing inside my head.

I know the trigger was because I read my friend, Fesa, message on Line Group right before I went to bed. She told us that she'd just out from a car crash than involving a group of vehicles on the highway. She's okay, her face a bit hurt, but basically her condition was way better than the others, which, I assume, someone might died. And anything related to any vehicle crash really frightened me up since last June tragedy. Apparently it really took a big part of my heart away. I just really wish that everyone can be really careful and patient on the street. Please?


Once in a while kinda post.

Helloooo, it's been a loooong time since the last time I really post anything here with real sentences, the ones that really make sense. Well, first reason, I kinda ran out of time, oh, don't get me wrong, I have enough leisure time, it's just that I usually use it to do anything else than blogging. Second, lately I find it inappropriate to just blurb out some personal stories on my blog, I feel like it's not really my kind of thing anymore. Besides, I'm getting the sense that no one read my blogs anymore anyway, so, hence all the reasons above, today, I don't know why, I just suddenly feel the urge to write something here. I don't really know what to write, so, for you who expect a meaningful post here, sorry, it'll be just blah.

First, as you can see from my previous posts, I'm currently really into Gilmore Girls, I knoooow, it's sooooooo out of date, but I never watch the series completely back then, just when it suddenly pop out on my TV, but few weeks ago I decided to watch the show from the start, mostly I feel like I actually already watch most episodes before but in random order so I don't really get the story, until now, that I finally watched the complete seven seasons in the right order, I just realised that this might be the best, the most heartwarming series I've ever seen. The ending wasn't really as expected, but still, it's a sweet series. I really really wish there'll be a Gilmore Girls movie, I think Amy Sherman-Palladino owes every Gilmore Girls fan the right ending here, it'll be very unfair if she decides to just bring the real ending to her death bed.

Second, I have this quality time with my best friend not long ago, and we talked a lot about financial investment that suit our age and of course our financial condition, it kinda slapped me hard that I'm so late (compare to her, tho' I'm kinda advance compare to some other people). I feel so stupid for not well planning my financial life since the first time I get my salary. For you who's younger than me and just got your first job, seriously, it is fun to just buy so many stuffs, but you'll regret it later for not having a good financial planner, and all those stuffs will look so meaningless while your friends with better financial plan already bought billions Rupiahs worth of a house and all you got was tons of mascara and swimsuits that might also worth billions Rupiahs, but heeeyyy they're not a house right? Go googling about any financial investment that might suit you. NOW!

Third, I used to have my Indonesian chicken porridge plain, just the rice porridge with shredded chicken, no yellow chicken broth, no sweet soy sauce, no chilli, nothing but the chicken and the porridge. I used to always send the porridge back if the seller accidentally put anything else inside my bowl. But one day, the office boy in my office, mistakenly order me a complete set of chicken porridge, with yellow chicken broth, sweet soy sauce, cakwe, fried shallot, parsley, everything is in. Since I'm very hungry, so I just mixed it all up and ate it, and surprisingly, it was very very very good, oh it's actually beyond good!! I never look at Indonesian chicken porridge the same way anymore and every time I think about breakfast, all I can think about was that complete set of chicken porridge, so flavourful, so yummy, I love it!! I actually had it for breakfast for almost a week straight. That bring me to a realisation that it's true, people do change constantly.

Well, I'm out of story, and I really have something else to do anyway, so, that's it for now, hopefully I can really write something again here soon. Ciao!!