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Huge disappointment.

Nelson Mandela has just passed away, and I believe it breaks so many hearts, he was a significant hero for people in South Africa, and in general, he was a hero for us all.

And today, followed by the rapidly spreading news about his death, many Indonesians (mostly teenagers, I believe) post some social comments and/or statements about their ignorance of Nelson Mandela in such an impolite way via Twitter. You can find the article with the print screened tweets here.

Call me no fun, but I take this seriously, it's not just because it is Nelson Mandela, but it's because of their lack of respect to others. They're even too lazy to Google it - I mean they have internet access right, if they can tweet? They can at least read a short brief of who's the person they're about to talk about, and think before write anything.

To be honest, I myself isn't a smart-ass who's always being sharp and knowing everything, but before I put any statement on social media, I always, at least, put a little thought in it -- will it insult anyone? Will it annoyed some certain people I don't mean to annoy? Is it really proper to be put online? Is it okay to be read by other? -- that kind of consideration.

Again, call me no fun, but I don't think that kind of people deserve other's respect.

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