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Merry Christmas everyone,
may Jesus bless you with a holy jolly one!!
And happy holiday too!!


you wanna know what makes me happy?
it's when I checked the empty boxes on my to do/have list.


af ▪ fec ▪ tion


gentle feeling of fondness or liking
In the beginning far away and after all
Out of the balance someone heard somebody call
It became known then that the meaning had been lost what can we do?


this is one of my favourite song of all time,
it been a while since the last time I listened to this song,
but today my iTunes suddenly decided to be shuffled to this song,
it lightened up my mood :p

Huge disappointment.

Nelson Mandela has just passed away, and I believe it breaks so many hearts, he was a significant hero for people in South Africa, and in general, he was a hero for us all.

And today, followed by the rapidly spreading news about his death, many Indonesians (mostly teenagers, I believe) post some social comments and/or statements about their ignorance of Nelson Mandela in such an impolite way via Twitter. You can find the article with the print screened tweets here.

Call me no fun, but I take this seriously, it's not just because it is Nelson Mandela, but it's because of their lack of respect to others. They're even too lazy to Google it - I mean they have internet access right, if they can tweet? They can at least read a short brief of who's the person they're about to talk about, and think before write anything.

To be honest, I myself isn't a smart-ass who's always being sharp and knowing everything, but before I put any statement on social media, I always, at least, put a little thought in it -- will it insult anyone? Will it annoyed some certain people I don't mean to annoy? Is it really proper to be put online? Is it okay to be read by other? -- that kind of consideration.

Again, call me no fun, but I don't think that kind of people deserve other's respect.