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rosemary garlic grilled chicken
on a bed of creamy mashed potato

potato, peeled, cut to thumb size
garlic, peeled, halves, boiled for 15 mins, drained
warm heavy cream
room temp butter
salt and pepper
boiled the potato, then drained and mashed
in separate bowl, mashed the garlic
add the cream and butter to the garlic bowl
add salt and pepper to the garlic bowl, mix
add the mashed potato to the flavour mixture
mixed well and taste

thawed chicken thigh
dried rosemary, sunk in hot water for 10 mins
garlic, peeled, halves, boiled for 15 mins, drained, mashed
salt and pepper
rubbed the chicken with the mashed garlic
in a zip lock bag, pour in the rosemary water
add the chicken and remaining mashed garlic
seat in fridge for 2-3 hours
drained the chicken, rubbed with salt and pepper
put a grilling pan on the heat, sprayed with oil
grilled the chicken (skin side down)
about 5-10 mins each side
up to your preference of how dry you'd like the chic be

put a dollop of mashed potato
press the chicken on it
sprinkle with a bit of remaining oil from the chicken grilling


ps. fresh salad with lemony dressing
and mushroom gravy will make it fancier!

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