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These past few weeks, I've finally going back to my "social life" and having some quality time with my closest friends after a few months of social blocked because of my feet condition. It felt really great, and I don't know about them, but somehow I feel like there's a hole that's been kinda empty the whole time and now started to be filled.

And today, I woke up after a very short of deep sleep (after being very busy these past few days and having only like 2-3 hours of sleeping time per day), I suddenly find my self realising that all this time, we'd chased for moments and somehow don't realise that it'd leave some deep fragments in the heart. It's like we're just passing every moment in life for granted, not knowing how much it actually meant for us.

And right now in my very "drunken-of-sleep" mind, I'm sort of promising myself, that I won't ever let that happen again, every small talks, every unimportant gossip we passed, every short meetings; it does matter. Those are the ones that gave me this warm and comfortable feelings in the heart, the ones that keeps motivating me, the ones that keeps me alive; and I won't take it for granted ever again.

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