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10 Ways to Do Adulthood Well

source: Relevant Magazine

4. Don't live with unhealthy assumption
Some of us live in an imaginary world. In this imaginary world, a person spends hours thinking about hypothetical questions (“What if they think ______ about me?”) which quickly turn into to assumptions (“He/she probably thinks ________ about me”). Sometimes we make decisions and develop emotions and even damage relationships based on assumptions that may not be true. I know from experience this will drive you crazy. If you don’t know something to be true, don’t live as if it’s true. Reality’s complicated enough. Why add an imaginary layer on top of it?

I think this is my most critical issue.

Biribildu Souvlaki, Greece

It's the kind of design that's stand between the line of genius and tacky
Fortunately, this one fall to the genius area (at least for me)
I love how the put kinda Moroccan pattern sticker on the ducting pipe
Love the yellow iron lighting fixture thingy
Love the 2D carousel horses

Aside from the comfort of designing something familiar and pretty,
sometimes I really wish I could got the chance to design something extraordinary
Something that some people hate it so much, while the other love it like crazy!!!

design by: Minas Kosmidis
today is my aunt birthday
today I feel like waking up early
today I feel like going to bath early
today I feel like prepping my own lunchbox
today I feel like having my first cup of coffee earlier
today I feel like listening to this song

today I just wanna greet everyone:
good morning!
may you have a great day!
God bless you!!



I know it's sooooo out of date,
but this is my current ultimate favourite song



rosemary garlic grilled chicken
on a bed of creamy mashed potato

potato, peeled, cut to thumb size
garlic, peeled, halves, boiled for 15 mins, drained
warm heavy cream
room temp butter
salt and pepper
boiled the potato, then drained and mashed
in separate bowl, mashed the garlic
add the cream and butter to the garlic bowl
add salt and pepper to the garlic bowl, mix
add the mashed potato to the flavour mixture
mixed well and taste

thawed chicken thigh
dried rosemary, sunk in hot water for 10 mins
garlic, peeled, halves, boiled for 15 mins, drained, mashed
salt and pepper
rubbed the chicken with the mashed garlic
in a zip lock bag, pour in the rosemary water
add the chicken and remaining mashed garlic
seat in fridge for 2-3 hours
drained the chicken, rubbed with salt and pepper
put a grilling pan on the heat, sprayed with oil
grilled the chicken (skin side down)
about 5-10 mins each side
up to your preference of how dry you'd like the chic be

put a dollop of mashed potato
press the chicken on it
sprinkle with a bit of remaining oil from the chicken grilling


ps. fresh salad with lemony dressing
and mushroom gravy will make it fancier!


I'm into personal quizzes lately, and this is the latest one I took that apparently also (maybe) the most accurate one.

You are ruled by Athena, you are bright-eyed, shrewd, resourceful and inventive. With friends, you are the wise counsellor – always ready with an empowering message. You believe strongly that women can accomplish anything men can. No wonder you put so much time into your career. Athena women tend to be ruled by their head, not by their heart. You carefully guard your intimate side, protecting your emotions and vulnerability. If you want to awaken your unexpressed womanliness, you’ll have to use the same passion you apply to your intellectual achievements. It’s important that you work to integrate your strong masculine side with your feminine side – bringing together your strength with your vulnerability, your creativity with caring, and your intelligence with imagination. Otherwise, you risk appearing unaffectionate and self-righteous. Take lessons from the goddesses Hestia and Aphrodite to do this.

from iVillage UK


Vogue US, December 2013

currently fancying Miley and The Roots,
and this is such a nice package!

remember only God can judge ya
forget the haters
'cause somebody loves ya
what do you think?

I'm his Brandy Alexander

all images from ffffound



element: air
quality: cardinal
ruling house: seventh
ruling planet: venus

Libras are good when paired up
Libras are objective
They love beautiful people
They know how to make others feel comfortable
Libras like to put their mind to good use
Manipulative? Nah, Libras really are too nice for that
Libras at play may not be as energized as at work
In the game of love, Libras are a loyal to the core

as quoted from here

I'm too in love with these persons:
family, friends, anyone I feel comfortable with
I think that's why. XOXO



These past few weeks, I've finally going back to my "social life" and having some quality time with my closest friends after a few months of social blocked because of my feet condition. It felt really great, and I don't know about them, but somehow I feel like there's a hole that's been kinda empty the whole time and now started to be filled.

And today, I woke up after a very short of deep sleep (after being very busy these past few days and having only like 2-3 hours of sleeping time per day), I suddenly find my self realising that all this time, we'd chased for moments and somehow don't realise that it'd leave some deep fragments in the heart. It's like we're just passing every moment in life for granted, not knowing how much it actually meant for us.

And right now in my very "drunken-of-sleep" mind, I'm sort of promising myself, that I won't ever let that happen again, every small talks, every unimportant gossip we passed, every short meetings; it does matter. Those are the ones that gave me this warm and comfortable feelings in the heart, the ones that keeps motivating me, the ones that keeps me alive; and I won't take it for granted ever again.