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Lately I get more attracted to thing I hardly "touch" back then. I'm more into cheesy movie and meaningless sit-com series, and I prefer my morning started with Nicki Minaj's Super Bass than any indie song I used to listen devotedly every time of the day. I don't read much literature, honestly these past few months (or years?) I've been this children novel or magazines girl who doesn't really read "real stuffs". I don't know if it's just a phase, or at some points my brain is just busy with the working things and just repels to absorb heavier information other than Kim and her siblings' drama. Anyway, tho' I don't really approve this phase, I kinda enjoy being "cheesy and easy". I wish if I ever get back to the routine of dig in any Pramoedya's and such, I still have the sense to find how amusing is Kourtney and Scott's relationship. ;)

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