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thursday morning

so, last June 27, 2013; as usual I took ojek (motorcycle taxi) to the office, when I passed Melawai street, my ojek got hit by another motorcycle. I broke two of my bones from my right feet, kinda crushed it a bit.

since it was an open wound (yes the bones slightly came out), I got operated just a few hours after the accident. I was hospitalized for six days, have a pen, plate, and some wires planted on my feet, have to attend physiotherapy for some session (I've completed the first session, still in a break till the next session), got two months off from office, literally can't use my right feet for two months, and have to use crutches to help me walking for four months. in six to nine months, there'll be another operation to take the pen and it friends out off my body.

and these are some things I wanna share after two weeks and five days:
anything related to bathroom is still a struggle tho' it isn't that scary anymore.
the urge to be mobile is sooo big, but the opportunity isn't that much.
oh! and being tired means hell of pain and swelling feet.
the weird and tingling pain is very annoying. patience is the only key.
still trying to manage a realistic timeline and routine.

anyway, after all, there are so many good lessons I've got so far and still so many many waiting up ahead, so, everything is going on pretty well for me.

oh! your prayer for my speedy recovery would meant a lot to me. :)

no, my feet doesn't look that scary, the wound is almost completely healed, so now it just looks like a swollen feet with a quite large scar that hopefully will be vanish eventually.


  1. Get well soon neng ayu.. *peluk* Huhu naik ojek serem bgt..

    1. amiiiin terimakaih kang kikiiii.. iya nih ojek mengerikan ternyataa..