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Basically I just post whatever I wanna post here.


Halo mas Hendi dan mbak Diyah, semoga bahagia bersama selalu sekarang dan selama-lamanya. xoxo.


When I came back from office today, I found a wedding invitation in my mailbox. It was from Mia, my friend from high school. I opened the invitation, on the first page - instead of poem, song lyrics, nor other common prolog, there was this short story written by Mia's Dad whose also a journalist for the most famous children magazine in Indonesia (siapa sih yang waktu kecil nggak baca majalah Bobo?). It was so extraordinary, and yet so sweet, it melts my heart. ♥♥

Congratulation Mia and Wahyu, hope everything goes well till the d-day, will surely come with happiness. :)

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Current interest .. Country Living magazines . any movies under the genre Drama, Comedy, and/or Romance in IMDB . fresh and clean bed sheet .  clean and dry toilet . white wooden panels . Alex and Leslie from Friends with Kids (because they're sweet) . Knox Overstreet and Charlie Dalton from Dead Poets Society (because they're cute) . nail polish - as always . ice cold beer . ice cold Aqua . Apps Gone Free application for iPhone . Insta-walking (I assume this is the Instagram version on blog-walking) . BuzzFeed . Pottery Barn Kids . nautical inspired design & decor  - navi blue and white stripes . Beyonce's Love on Top . The Postal Service's Be Still My Heart . Sondre Lerche & Lillian Samdal's Modern Nature . Jell-O shots . naturally blushed cheeks . the idea of losing some pounds . the idea of cut my bang short . nap time on weekends . Primewood Smoked Ash parquet . Taco HPL Sol Cherry .. June 16th, 2013.
It's a matter of time. :)


I thank God for all the friends and families I've got.

I know that I've said this so many times, maybe even too many times, but I don't care,
I love them so much to the moon and back to eternity!! ❤❤❤


Whatever people say, I'll still love this idea!!

Miranda Kerr & son, Flynn Bloom.

This weekend in a short brief.

Kamis, 6 Juni 2013 - A Birthday.

Napicaaaa ♥♥ 

Ulang tahun ke lima Faris, si adik sepupu, pas banget lagi tanggal merah, jadi libur. Makan-makan keluarga, terus lanjut ke Timezone, main sepuasnya - literally sepuasnya. Tapi ini yang ulang tahun susah banget di foto, jadi foto sama kakak-nya yang ulang tahun aja.

Jumat, 7 Juni 2013 - A Productive Day.

Cazuks kesayangan.

Sempet ke kantor pagi-pagi buat nge-print data meeting, jadi nggak usah nyumbang Snappy ratusan ribu. Site visit ke dua proyek yang udah saya "asuh" dari tahun kemarin, yang (insyaallah) Juni/Juli ini dua-duanya selesai. Masih sempet ke Gandaria City pas lunch break buat ambil buku pesenan di Periplus.

Sabtu, 8 Juni 2013 - A Wedding & Reunion.

Indra Djawa & Adinda's wedding.

Ke kawinan Indra Djawa & Adinda di Rumah Saya, Pasar Minggu, ketemu temen-temen kuliah. Terus lunch date di Pejaten Village sama Dessy. Lanjut sleepover di rumah Dessy, nonton dua DVD, tapi gue ketiduran mulu yaa..

Minggu, 9 Juni 2013 - An Engagement.

Ipit & Rezi's engagement.

Ke lamaran Ipit & Rezi. Ketemu Synta & Fikri, mereka cute sekali, semoga bahagia selamanyaaa.. Terus pulang naik busway, tapi kebelet pipis, jadi lanjut naik taksi. Nanti malem mau church-date sama Ririn.

Long weekend ini senang sekali. Minggu depan juga pasti senang, soalnya mau ketemu Lalat and Deedee, si cewek-cewek kesayangan!! XD


Stop doing your busy work.
Start doing your best work.

-Jessica Anjani-
Graphic Designer



Justice League Superformula

So, there's this advertising agency, JWT, whose ones of the clients are A.C. Camargo Cancer Center in Sao Paulo and Warner Bros. In order to help the children whose fighting against cancer, the ads agency arrange a collaboration between the two companies, and created this such an amazing idea, Justice League Superformula. You can find out more about it in the video below.

I nearly cry watching the video. Good job JWT!

For more info for this project's design team member click here. You can also find out more about it here.