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First thought popped in your head after seeing the image.
All images from Ffffound!.


dandy // gay

elegant // majestic

best friend

death // danger

pretty // neat

travel // surreal


warm // space odissey

ali // throne





25/4/13. 8:30-ish PM

I always love symmetric number like 101 or 707 or 505.
Hope I manage to capture the 707 hits. ;p

semacem promotor gitu deh, dari Swedia.

I've read an interview with Joel Borg at Freunde von Freunden a few days ago, and looove the article so much.

I don't know the guy and never heard of him before, but he's sooo inspiring, that I'd like to quote some of his statements from the interview, but well, turns out I cannot choose some, because basically, I like the entire article, so, just please read it yourself, click here for link.

Anyway, ini naksirnya lebih ke professionalism yah bok, bukan kaya naksir ke artis hollywood ganteng gituh.. Somehow I wish I could meet a person that as inspiring and full of positive energy as him. Amen for thaaaat!!


This song reminds me of my Mom and Dad.
I love them so much through all the stories that our family have been through.
Apabila ia jatuh, tidaklah sampai tergeletak,
sebab Tuhan menopang tangannya.

Mazmur 37:24


architect/designer of Neulant van Exel
from Berlin, Germany.

all images courtesy of Ailine Liefeld for FvonF

I'd like to have a friend with an apartment like that, so I can stop by his place very often, have some beers, listen to good music -- maybe even live music, watch super cool movie, talk randomly, then go home happily.
But no, I don't wanna live there for sure. :p


Crayon Ponyfish.

On a taxi ride.

I'm currently on my way from a site visit to a meeting. And my cab driver keeps coughing and sneezing. He's also sweating like crazy. On the other side I feel annoyed and can't stop imagining how many viruses and bacterias flying around in this car. But on the other side, I also can't stop thinking that there might be this very kind housewife and some very nice and polite kids he needs to support.

Hey Pak Mashur, saya doakan Bapak cepat sembuh dan dapat rejeki yang banyak ya hari ini.



Utie: kalo lo bisa melihara binatang apapun lo mau melihara apa?
Ayu: Beruang
U: Kenapa?
A: Kalo gue capek dia bisa ngegendong gue, kalo gue nggak suka sama orang dia bisa makan orang itu
U: Pilihan kedua setelah beruang apa?
A: Harimau
U: Kenapa?
A: Karena ganteng
U: Hahahaha, jadi binatang pertama itu menggambarkan elo
U: Dan binatang kedua menggambarkan pasangan yang lo pinginin

So, I'm this dependable bear who's looking for a handsome tiger as a partner. I can't stop laughing.


"Mulai berasa tua itu kalo temen-temen kita
udah mulai pada punya anak dengan sengaja."

 -Annisa Utami, 24, Karyawan Swasta-

Tom Waits - Long Way Home.

Let's go out past the party lights
Where we can finally be alone
Come with me and we can take the long way home
Come with me, together we can take the long way home
Come with me, together we can take the long way home

One of the sweetest song for me. And after I Google about Tom Waits, I found myself fell for his young figure, super rese gayanyaaa!!


Our working hour is from 9 am to 6 pm.

Monday. I came on time and this person came late, forgot to bring the mouse was the excuse.
Tuesday. I came on time and this person came late, forgot to bring the wallet was the excuse.
Wednesday. I went site visit in the morning before office, no idea if this person came late or no.
Thursday. I came on time and this person came late because of a meeting that wasn’t office-related.
Friday. This person didn’t come to the office.
Monday. I came on time and this person came at 2PM, had to attend a meeting that (again) wasn’t office-related.
Tuesday. I came a little bit late and this person came on time.
Wednesday (Today). I went site visit in the morning before office, no idea if this person came late or no.
Today afternoon, a friend that used to work with us made a visit and this person told her this: “I always come to the office very early at 8:30 while you (pointed at me) always come late at 9:30.”

I totally have no idea how to respect this kind of person.

Oh, and no, I didn’t defend myself when this person said that. I don’t believe in arguing against people who don’t think before talk, it’ll be just an emotional comedy, rite?

You can come to the office anytime you want and make your own trouble, but just don't lie about this kind of professional matters okay? It is not okay.