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Haec dies quam fecit Dominus :
exultemus et laetemur in ea. Alleluya.

Psalm 117:24

For being reborn, being refreshed from all of our old sins, happy easter everyone,
may the joy of new life gives you the courage to aim for new hopes and dreams.


Fun. - Sight of the Sun.

For once there is nothing up my sleeve
Just some scars from a life that used to trouble me
I used to run at first sight of the sun
Now I lay here waiting for you to wake up


Things I've learned over fried rice and wine these past two days.

"Love yourself first, appreciate what you've got; your talent, your skill, your body, your family, your friends, your career, your luck, your network, everything; the good things will come through anyway. Positive thoughts always attract positive things. Be positive about your surroundings. Be positive about yourself. Be an optimist. Be brave to dream big. Dream on, just dream on; and work your ass off to reach it. And pray. Never forget to pray. Never forget to give thanks."

It's actually a note-to-self; a remembrance for every time I feel like giving up; and I guess I'd like to share it with everyone else.


Bloc Party Live in Jakarta, March 20th 2013.

"Yang nggak nonton sih nyesel banget, gila."
-Sikastiara Wismoyo, 25, Designer-

Back in high school, Silent Alarm was one of my very favorite album, so, when Andra told me Bloc Party would held a concert in Jakarta, I just went like "okay, I'm in." Besides, I also have this medium crush (the huge crush was always for Adam Brody) for Gordon Moakes.

So, back to the concert review, the entrance gate opened at 6PM sharp and the venue gate opened at 7:30PM, and yes, me and the girls came in on time, that we got this hot seat at the tribune, it's straight in the center of the venue, so when Kele look straight froward, he'll see me, haha.. After that, we waited for sooooo damn long, till finally The Adams, the opening act band, came out, and tho' I highly understand that Ismaya chose The Adams because the crowd mostly my age and back in high school, The Adams was this one of the most favorite band in school festival (or we call it "pensi" here); but I don't think their performance that night really hit it, as for me the only good thing was the additional of White Shoes and the Couples Company's guitarist who kept throwing jokes that seriously funny and when they played Konservatif, the only The Adams song that I can recall and apparently remember the lyrics.

After long gap (again) and some gulp of Sushi -- oh yeah, Ismaya, very smart selling method, they sell 5 pieces of mini sushi and a bottle of tea for 50K IDR; while regularly you can get like 8 pieces of medium size sushi, but still, it was sold out because everyone's so damn fucking hungry waiting for Kele and the gank since 6PM; so after a long gap, finally the party started. Opened with So He Begins to Lie, me and the girls find it uncomfortable seating on the hot seat while we cannot jump and put our hands up, because it'll disturb everyone behind us; so after the third song, we decided to move way back on the right wing, where there were only a few people so we can dance to the song they way we like.

The first time they entered the stage, we're surprised by Matt appearance, he only wore this hot denim pants and white sneakers, and then he made this kinda funny gesture, very very tengil (okay I couldn't find the right english version of that word, haha..), but in a cute way. And for those who believe the rumor that Kele can't sing and always have very bad performance, sorry dude, it didn't happen that night, Kele's so great, I like him even more!! And Gordy? I tried to snapshot the giant screen couple times when they showed Gordy's face close up, but failed; he's so cool I cannot like him less!!

Over all, I was very pleased with their performance that night, they played 20 songs total, and what I like the most was, the last two songs were from Silent Alarm album, it really hit the crowd. I think everybody came home with a warm pleasure in the heart. Thank you Kele, Gordy, Matt, and Russel; it was a great night!!

The ticket.

The girls: Kara & Andra aka. Boy

View from the hotseat.

View from where I moved to.

Setlist, screenshot from here


It's all about genetics (and fixing each other's flaws).

Friend #1: I prefer tall and curvy girl, because I'm short and skinny.

Friend #2: My husband gotta have this fair white skin, because my skin is so dark, I want my kids to have fair white skin.

Me: I must married someone who stays in shape no matter how much food he ate, beer belly might be acceptable, but please, don't bring the fatty fatty gen, I want my kids to be as skinny as supermodel (kidding on the supermodel part, very serious on the no fatty fatty gen part). :p

But, you know, after all, it's God's sense of humor we rely on.


It takes courage.

picture from here
Last night I have this conversation with a friend about another friend that seems so "lost" right now. And regarding how much we care about this person, somehow, I really really wish I could touch this person's heart and say "I'm moving on, please, come with me."