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Dear, Ririn.

"Put everything in God's hands, and soon,
you'll see God's hands in everything."

My best friend since elementary is one of the most inspirational person I know. Her dad retired when she was just graduate from high school. Being the last child from four siblings, she's the only one didn't get to enjoy the luxury life her older brothers and sister got. But, thank God, she has this unbelievably huge spirits to upgrade her life.

She worked hard till she finally managed to pay her own college tuition, she started taking diploma class in a local college, and took public relation as her major. She took evening class, so she could work in the afternoon, and if you think that was an easy task to do, you're so damn wrong.

She finally graduated and got accepted at one largest PR consultant company in the world, yes, not only in Indonesia, but in the world. She work half-time there and still manage some times to take some freelance jobs as a news writer.

Remember what I've told you about the huge spirit? She didn't stop till just there. She took a weekend class on a notable university to pursue her bachelor degree in public relation (if everything goes well, she'll graduate next year). And a few months ago, she told me that she was trying to get a full time job at her company.

Then, we didn't meet for quite a while, till a few weeks ago, she came to my house while I was sick, she told me that she got an offer from a great local PR consultant, but she wasn't really sure since she's still waiting for the full time job in her company. We ended the conversation with just silently wish for the best to come.

A few days ago, she texted me, told me that she got the full time job in her current office in a very cool department with a very cool job desc. And what made me prouder was, she told me that some other applicants even graduated from notable universities abroad, yes baby, she defeated US graduates, woah!

I almost cry to hear such a joyful news from her, as I know how hard she worked her ass off these past six and a half years. She was this one person that really knocked my heart upon how God never ever ignore our prayers - that she never ever forget to tell me that everything she has now, is exactly what she'd ever prayed for.

Now, she's busy pursuing her second biggest goal, to get a boyfriend, hahaha…

I'll pray for you everyday, my dear friend, that you'll get a boyfriend anytime soon, but I'll also pray that I'll get a boyfriend first, hahaha… :p *just kidding

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