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Three of my pet peeves.

30 Days Writing Challenge - DAY 3.
Three of my pet peeves.

1. Lazy ass.
When there are like BAZILLION GAZILLION things to catch on around this whole WIDE world, why not hustling?

2. Wet toilet seat.

3. People who always answer question with “I don’t know.”
Well babe, no one knows everything, but we live in this modern world where (almost) every information is only as far as your thumb movements, so, please, make an effort. At least try first. Besides, effort is (crazy) attractive ya kno’ 💁🏻‍♀️


Bitter sweet.

When you realize you are so ready to let go the thing you hold dearly for a very long time.


Thing someone told me about myself that I never forget.

30 Days Writing Challenge - DAY 2.
Thing someone told me about myself that I never forget.

It is weird that among all those things people ever told me about myself, I still cannot make up my mind to choose one.

Tho’ on second thought, after like 15 HOURS of recalling moments, I remember this thing one of my ex boyfie told me.

And disclaimer, it is purely writing-content material, I have no such feeling left nor willingness to recreate the moment (nor the relationship) ever again. It’s just that, at that very moment, his words meant a lot. Like a lot, a lot. That probably, it’s one of the solid foundations of all the decisions I’ve made back then that shaped me into who I am right now.

So, what he did tell me back then was,

“You can do it. I trust you. Why can’t you trust yourself? Trust me, you. can. do. it.”


10 things that make me really happy.

30 Days Writing Challenge - DAY 1.
10 things that make me really happy.

1. Routine
I love being organized hence I need a routine. Like waking up, having meals, and go to bed on the same time everyday. Well, except on weekend maybe. I am not good at “moving on” anyway, that’s why a routine will bring some peace to my mind.

2. Cooking and Baking
I love the cooking and baking process from planning, finding the recipe, buying/hunting the ingredients, and of course the cooking and baking itself. Tho’ I gotta admit I am not really into the washing-the-dishes part, but when I have to do it as the impact of all the cooking and baking, I kinda enjoy that part more.

3. Planning
I am crazy at doing research, making polls, organize everything, making list, putting reservations, making orders. It’s like finally I find myself a good use of being a control-freak.

4. Being on a real-good conversation
I believe that one of the most intimate thing is conversation. Sometimes it’s even more intimate than sex. I love it when I can find a sparring partner whom I can talk about diverse things; like life in general, politics, religions, Hollywood trashy gossips, till which skittle has the best flavor.

5. Watching concert
I always love the rush of meeting someone I adore. And in this case, to sing along with all the others “adorer” is like twice the fun!

6. Writing
I always have these floating thoughts about everything in mind. Most of the time I feel like they’re worth written, but gotta admit that even the urge was always HUGE, I mostly just ended up lost it for nothing. Well, I started to keep a journal few months back which haven’t do much, because rarely find the time to even flip it open, but I think it’s a baby step. Oh! And I think this one “article” a day thingy will help much!!

7. The soft (almost) baby-like face of mine after being well treated
I was never the kind of girl who make real effort to be pretty. I’m a late bloomer on the make up world which hold my current record to: still don’t even know what’s the different between primer and foundation, and of course not having even one of those. But I am crazy about skin care! I did quite many steps for daily morning routine, tho’ still tryin’ to find the energy to also do the night routine. But boy how I love it to touch my own cheek after applying those layers of toners, oils, gels, and creams!! And the magic effect of acid in exfoliator still makes me in awe up till now.

8. Online shopping, especially if I could get crazy bargain compare to offline price
I hail online shopping for it’s practicality!! I love to shop, I kid you not, but I hardly find myself enjoying the art of entering the stores one by one just to find one perfect piece. I love it more if I can do it at home, and I love it even more when I can find crazy bargain deals, which were common things in the online world.

9. Being overly productive
I am very competitive and ambitious that at some point maybe I am a bit of a psycho in terms of pushing my limit. I love the rush of deadlines and the wait list of works need to be done. I love accomplishing so many things at once, and I love it even more when it doesn’t stop and keeps coming. Sometimes I feel my head ringing and aching, and my body gets warm. But the excitement of doing things, and the image of standing on the finish line, will always win.

10. Affection
Well, who doesn’t? I’ll leave this one as it is.

Jakarta, Dec 29th 2017. 3:30 AM. On bed, writing on iPhone 7 Notes application.


obvious bicycle

i've just reached home after waiting for more than an hour for my uber car on a hectic holiday season weekday on possibly the most crowded mall lobby in the city tonite. traffic was chaotic. and to make it even worse, after an hour, i finally have to settle with taking a motorcycle taxi because i decided i cannot wait any longer.

at some point i feel so dumb, why didn't i decide to take the motorcycle taxi since the first time?! it's only 1.6 km ride anyway, the comfort that uber car offered won't be far than the effectiveness that a motorcycle taxi has offered. in the end, my main goal was just to reach home, where the real comfort lays. yet there was i, waiting for more than one fucking hour just for nothing.

with so many thoughts inside my head these past few days, this exact moment lead me to this decision that, i've had enough. i've had fucking enough. fucking. enough.

i don't wanna wait anymore.

so while the sun’s coming up
cover ground, cover ground
and if you find some love for these clowns
turn around, turn around

we’ll be half asleep on the floor of our high school gym
thinking of you and wondering if anyone else could begin

to listen, listen
don’t wait

don’t wait.



I've just found an interesting (if not kinda shocking) fact about a person I know. Long story short, as cliche as it may sound, no matter how naive you are, you gotta admit it, people change.

Maybe they're just bored, maybe they've found something worth changing, maybe they're facing difficulties they couldn't bare, maybe it's their deepest desire the whole time; whatever the reason is, in the end, all we know is that they've changed.

It makes me wonder, how much it takes for people I know (and care about) to change, but even more, how much it takes for me to change. I mean people grow, therefore they're changing, but how much it takes to not just grow, but more of taking a leap. Or taking different direction.

There are many many thoughts in my head lately. So many things to decide, so many problems, so many options, so many fears of regret. But knowing my acquintance's story suddenly gives me some kind of "fuel", to go beyond the expectation. Because sometimes, your brain screens things that seem unfamiliar. So just let loose, step in to the unfamiliarity. You never know what you'll find, but it is okay, because sometimes you don't have to know.


What I wrote on my bedroom wall.


(just in case u forget)

Lie to Me S02E02

God put a smile on your face :)

So here's to us.

c'est en mourant qu'on ressuscite a l'eternelle vie.

may God bless you and keep you always..

dona nobis pacem.