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tonight I'll dream while I'm in bed
when silly thoughts go through my head
about the bugs and alphabet
and when I wake tomorrow I'll bet
that you and I will walk together again
I can tell that we are gonna be friends
yes I can tell that we are gonna be friends ♥


so i can remember how this blog's about me page since feb 2013 till feb 2018.
five years has passed. oh how time flies. and oh how life is such a cliche.

Cheesy tag lines.

"So whatever you do, don't let go."

Us Against the World - Coldplay

"We can have any future you want."

Mike to Phoebe. Friends S09S23

"It boiled up as we always let it do,
we made it through again."

Too Good to Be - New Found Glory

Logan: you trust me?
Rory: you jump, I jump, Jack

Gilmore Girls. S05E07


What I wanna tell you this morning.

"The principle is, with the power I have,
it does not mean I can just ask people to do 'things'.
In fact, with the power I have, come this responsibility,
to know and understand their rights better."


the things i remember about you.

draft from nov 26th 2016. 1:49 am

sometimes i met people,
found something about them,
try hard to store it inside my brain's messy cabinets,
but still ended up leaving no traces of remembering any.

so, this is some things i wanna remember about you.
simple trinkets to remind myself, o how sweet you were.

i remember our chaotic conversation about the future,
i remember driving at dawn, and midnight,
i remember telling you stories i've never told to anyone else,
i remember your dream, tho' you constantly change its details,
i remember you were always be by my side, eventually.

i'm on the other side of the road now,
i might stop praying for you,
for this is the easier way for me,
but on my last prayer,
i told Him to keep your heart always.


Things to remember about a trip I've just had.

Well, I actually wrote this months ago and saved it on draft, hence the irrelevant timing description.

- Maswati.
There's this house on a hill. In my imagination it's just like Tawangmangu. Sundanese version of Tawangmangu. I don't know where it is actually, but not really far from it (or actually far, but just because I rode a train so it seems close) was Stasiun Maswati. I promise myself to look up to the station but just haven't got the time.

- Angkot.
It still feels the same as ten years ago, to rode Cisitu - Tegallega angkot from Stasiun Hall to Badak Singa. It almost made me tear up.

- Gudeg PDAM.
Still taste so good, the braised chicken liver was the best store-bought chicken liver I've ever had. I used to think that all chicken liver that is not home cook by my mother was bad, but this one tasted so good. The Bapak is still the same person, the difference is just that now he brings smartphone to watch soccer news, not the actually tabloid Bola anymore.

- Walking on the pedestrian.
It gets better actually.

- The scenery.
It was clear blue sky, but it was hazy in my heart.

It is not that I cannot nor I don't want to moving on from the feelings this city trying to trapped me. But it's just so many things happened that I hardly can find any replacement of the comfort it offers.

5 places I want to visit.

30 Days Writing Challenge - DAY 5.
5 places I want to visit.

Reykjavik and/or Kiruna.
So basically, I wanna see the northern lights, and I've heard so much about how interesting Reykjavik is, that's why I put "visit Reykjavik and see the northern lights" on my bucket list, till I saw my friend picture of her trip seeing the northern light from Kiruna, Sweden, which in my opinion way more beautiful than the pictures of the northern lights from Reykjavik, so I change my bucket list into "visit Scandinavia and see the northern lights".

Ever since I watched The Descendants, I always want to live in Hawaii for couple(s) of years. The desire increases after I watched some of Ellen Fisher's YouTube videos; I feel like I wanna explore the islands, hike on their hills, finding their hidden waterfalls, and of course playing on their beautiful beaches. But well, if it's really impossible to spend years there, I think a month full of adventures would do too.

Grand Canyon.
This might be the cheesiest reason of all reasons in this list. So, I really like Joshua Kushner, and I saw his Instagram post when he visit the canyon and somehow it captured my heart in some way that made me promise myself, I gotta visit the canyon too. I think it'll be a great experience to feel so small and meaningless seeing His amazingly great creation.

The islands on the Caribbean.
I always love the vibes of a small city, it gives me this warm feelings, to know that everything is still so "pure" and "naive". So, when I follow Johan & Malin from RAN Sailing on their YouTube channel, I instantly hooked to their sailing adventures, especially when they visit the islands on the Caribbean sea. I feel like, in my whole life, at least a year, I gotta spend it sailing through those places, getting lost, being footloose, and fancy free. I just really hope when it happen, I'm still young enough to really be able to enjoy everything.

Again, the perks of a small city that makes me decide why I wanna visit the place. I wanna walk around Thimpu, hike on and visiting some monasteries, and enjoying their infamous clean fresh air.


I gotta admit I start to feel uncomfortable doing this 30 days writing challenge, mainly because the task were all so personal, while for me, I prefer write something that's more of an "article" ("editorial"?) than "biography". And reading the day-6 task, which is "five ways to win your heart", I know that I gotta decide to give up. I will be back with my yadda-yadda-whateva-I-wanna-write-ya mode, or I may make my own challenge which contains topics I really like and interested in, or maybe just something more ... general? We'll see..